It was just over a year ago when I posted a video from a former cop who calls himself Wild Bill for America where he talked about the fear cops have of cameras, informing them that if they have nothing to hide, then they shouldn’t have an issue.

Wild Bill is a vocal conservative, which means he pisses off half the country every time he opens his mouth as he would do if he were a vocal liberal.

But as he did a year ago, he is once again saying something which liberals and conservatives should both agree on in what he calls “a message to American cops,” advising them how they should handle the current wave of anti-police brutality protests sweeping the country.

“We are not your enemy, we are not criminals, we are not a gang, we are no threat to any law enforcement officer, and there is absolutely no reason for any law enforcement officer to be a threat to us,” he says in the video.

“We will be taking a stand against government officials violating the law. We may be holding signs along the roadway, we may picket towns and businesses that are pockets of political corruption. We may give speeches on the steps of city hall.

“All those things are protected under the First Amendment.”

Click below to see the whole video.