Excerpted from a reader’s Letter to the Editor:

What we have witnessed in Ferguson and New York are symptoms of a larger societal problem – lack of true democracy from bottom to the top. Neither practical physical qualifications, nor enhanced police training, would solve the problem on long-term basis.

As suggested in my book, “An African Student in Russia,” all political organizations from the community level to Congress and executive branch need to replicate the gender composition of a family unit – male and female equal participation.

In essence, there ought to be a balanced contribution of both the “fathers” and “mothers” to prevent crime against any individual regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion and other bases of social divisions — victimizers and victims of police brutality included.

Progesterone is needed at all levels of decision making and action to create a needed balance between masculine rational real politicking and feminine sensitivity.

Hopefully, a female president (which seems unlikely in the current definition and consciousness of democracy) would set the democratization process in motion – from top to bottom.

Prevailing social and related problems would henceforth wither away slowly, but surely.

Not only at home, but also abroad.

Dr. Onesphor Kyara, Ph.D.

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