The kick to the face was swift and rendered Lateef Dickerson unconscious, leaving him with a broken jaw. And it resulted in Dover Police Corporal Thomas Webster facing a grand jury, which did the normal thing and found no probable cause that the cop committed a crime.

After all, cops are above the law in the eyes of most grand juries, if history is any indicator.

But that grand jury made its decision in March 2014, clearing Webster of any criminal charges from the August 2013 incident.

But then a new prosecutor, Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn, took office in January 2015 and began reviewing past cases, coming across the video and finding it strange that the grand jury did not indict Webster for the kick to the face, which takes place as Dickerson was following orders to get down on the ground.

So he re-introduced the case to another grand jury, which indicted Webster on second-degree assault this week. On Monday, Webster was booked and released on a $5,000 bond. And placed on unpaid administrative leave.

The local police union chief criticized the attorney general, accusing him of making a political move. But he also said he had not seen the video, which is hard to believe. He just didn’t want to comment on the video.

Webster’s attorney released a statement to the media that Webster was only trying to keep the community safe from a known gang member.

“Tom Webster is innocent of this allegation.

“Tom Webster was defending us from a noted gang member (Bloods) and armed robber at the time of the apprehension of Lateef Dickerson.

“Tom is not guilty of any criminal offense and we look forward to an impartial Kent County Jury acquitting him.”

But Webster’s attorney failed to note that Dickerson was dismissed of all charges stemming from that night. And according to an ACLU lawsuit on his behalf, Dickerson was merely making purchases at a gas station when a fight broke out between other men.

In other words, he was not even one of the men the cops were looking for that night.

But he does have a criminal history, which seems to justify police abuse against anybody in this country.

But now Webster also has a criminal history. Who would have ever thought?

The News Journal of Delaware has posted a poll, seeking opinion on whether or not Webster should have gone before a second grand jury. The screenshot below is what the poll looked like at 8 a.m. Friday.

Webster poll