“The police just came to our hotel and documented my private information that my hotel has on me in their records. They did this to all the guests that are primarily journalists reporting on Bilderberg.”

The message above was posted Wednesday by Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change, one of the few journalists brave enough to cover the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting that began today in Austria.

Rudkowski and fellow independent journalists Dan Dicks of Press for Truth and Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante checked into the Interalpen-Hotel Tirol, where the Bilderberg conference is being held, in advance of the actual meetings.

Before ever reaching the hotel, Rudkowski was stopped while driving through a police checkpoint. Police took all of his luggage out of his car and searched it. To enter the hotel, Rudkowski again had to go through a police checkpoint and later witnessed police officers hiding in the woods and what looked like a military helicopter landing near the hotel.

The hotel appeared completely empty. Not long after Rudkowski arrived, he learned that no one else was allowed at the hotel.

After covering the nearby G7 event, Rudkowski, Berwick, and Dicks showed their G7 press credentials, the same credentials which the White House press corps — who had also been staying at the Interalpen-Hotel while covering G7 — had used while checking in.

Security staff realized that the three independent journalists were upstairs after watching Rudkowski’s YouTube channel and promptly kicked them out of the room and offered to let them raid the mini-bar as compensation. The trio was then interrogated by police and escorted off the premises.

Charlie Skelton of The Guardian, one of the few “mainstream” journalists to cover Bilderberg in the past, was not even allowed to reach the Interalpen-Hotel Tirol and was escorted back to his hotel by police and told not get anywhere near the meeting.

According to Skelton:

‘Step out of the vehicle and show me your identification!’ A group of Austrian police officers took up position round my car. I pulled on the handbrake and opened the door. I swear to God one young officer shifted his hand to the butt of his sidearm, like I was about to rush them. All 12 of them. All armed. Maybe if there had only been 10 I might have taken them down using a slingshot improvised from my shoelaces, but not 12. I might be crazy but I’m not nuts.”

When Skelton went back to his own hotel, he was interrogated at midnight by police who entered his hotel room, demanded to see his papers and inspected his car while shining a searchlight in his face.

As Bilderberg kicks off today, Rudkowski has already uploaded footage of the first protestor arrested for daring to be near the secretive event, the video of the arrest is below. The dozen or so activists and bloggers covering the event were met by a squadron of police and an armored police car that might be a tank.

austria bilderberg

So what is Bilderberg? Depending on who you believe, it’s either a respected meeting of world leaders in industry, finance, government, and media meeting behind closed doors to discuss the state of world affairs, or a nefarious cabal scheming about ways to control world affairs. U.S. politicians would be in felony violation of the Logan Act for working with foreign officials to plan matters of policy without official government authorization.

The threat of criminal ramifications may be the beginning of explaining why, as Dan Dicks reported, hotel staff at a previous Bilderberg meeting were required to sign non-disclosure agreements preventing them from discussing what they saw or heard at the meeting.

In the words of the those who support the U.S. government’s erosion of the Bill of Rights after September 11, 2001, if the Bilderberg attendees have nothing to hide, then they should allow the press to investigate. The Bilderberg group, however, may be hiding a hell of a lot.

The confirmed attendee list of Bilderberg typically includes European royals, Fortune 500 CEOs, the heads of the biggest banks in the world, and the politicians they are considering putting their support behind. This year’s list reportedly includes the top adviser of Hillary Clinton, whom the Bilderberg Group is apparently choosing for U.S. President in 2016.

Before Barack Obama’s presidency, both he and John McCain attended the Bilderberg conference in 2008. The Bilderberg Group – the members of which include the people who control the “mainstream media” – has been meeting since 1954, and may have been choosing the U.S. President and dictating U.S. foreign policy in secret for decades. The very existence of these meetings was denied for decades, as documented by investigative reporters Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin. Now that the Bilderberg Group’s existence is no longer denied, the mainstream media fails cover the event, makes remarks that the meetings are insignificant, and goes on to spew the agenda cooked up at these meetings – including the heavy promotion of the candidates chosen by the Bilderberg members.

Take a good look at that confirmed list of attendees above – when you realize you would never want that group of people running your country, you will understand why Luke Rudkowski and Charlie Skelton are being interrogated by police for covering Bilderberg. The first rule about Bilderberg is…. you don’t talk about Bilderberg.

Bonus: Rudkowski also captured footage of riot police attacking protestors at the G7 meeting.