Four New York City police officers recklessly fired a hail of 84 bullets on a populated city street and endangering the neighborhood — and 83 of them missed.

Early Friday morning, Jerrol Harris, 27, had allegedly broken into a vehicle when he was caught by the Bushwick man who owned it around 1:15 a.m. As Harris fled, he allegedly shot the owner of the vehicle in the arm.

The injured man then chased Harris until he found police, who tracked Harris down about eight blocks away, with help from the fact that he was wearing noticeable bright red pants.

Police say when Harris saw the officers, he ducked behind a car and fired upon them with a 40-caliber Taurus Millennium pistol, hitting an unmarked police vehicle.

Four officers then fired back 52 rounds — and they all missed.  Harris fled again, until he was found by two more officers.

Harris allegedly shot at the duo, who then returned 16 rounds each at Harris.

“I couldn’t believe how long it was going on,” a resident of the neighborhood told ABC 7. “It just kept coming and kept coming and I was like, ‘is this really happening?'”

Thankfully, no bystanders were hurt by stray gunfire.

“He fired at them, and they fired back,” said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis, downplaying the fact that it took his officers 84 shots to hit the suspect once. “That’s when he was hit.”

Despite the massive amount of missed shots, the Deputy Commissioner has stated that the officers acted appropriately.

“You have a running gun battle here. There are a lot of cops involved and it takes places in several different locations. It’s not as if everything was stationary,” Davis told the New York Daily News.

Harris was not critically injured, and is now facing a slew of felony including several counts of first-degree and second-degree attempted murder.