Following the death of every single law enforcement officer, there have been 24 fatally shot this year, there is a wave of racist outrage from extremists on the right.

The latest comes from a racist dirt bag in Texas who has called for the deaths of “black thugs,” joining the Houston Sheriff in blaming protesters for the officer’s death (the video is embedded at the end of this story).

Beyond the obvious lunacy and racism in the video, this man is overlooking some basic facts- something to be expected from these uneducated types.

Now, as the extremists in right-wing media and on social media (usually hiding behind egg accounts on Twitter) fail to look at, is that fact that shootings of police officers are down 17% this year from last year, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page.

Photo by Cassandra Fairbanks/March, 2014

Photo by Cassandra Fairbanks/March, 2014

“Firearms-related fatalities among law enforcement officers have decreased each decade since the 1970s, according to the memorial fund’s data. In the 1970s, an average of 127 officers were killed with guns annually. That dropped to an average of 87 officers a year in the 1980s.

Last year, firearms deaths rose from 32 officers in 2013 to 50 in 2014 – a 56 percent increase, but still below this decade’s average of 53 officers a year.” according to a report from the Center for Investigative Reporting.

Cop on Cop Violence Accounts for 1 of every 12 Police Officers Killed on The Job So Far in 2015

Several of the officers counted in this tally were killed by other cops.

For example, at the beginning of the year, Mississippi Police Officer John Ballard Gorman was fatally shot by a fellow cop during a training exercise.  The officer who killed him had forgot to switch to a training weapon and fired a real round into the officer.

At the time of writing this on Wednesday evening, 799 people – sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers – that we know of – have been killed by police since the first of January, according to the tally at

That outrage the conservatives feel over this cop who was senselessly killed?

We get that feeling, too.

Except for those of us who care about civil rights and human lives, that feeling comes several times a day.

We feel that outrage with each and every new hashtag, each early grave of a child who was just out playing with a toy gun, each woman mysteriously found dead in a jail cell.

We feel that uncontrollable anger mixed with sadness each time we see a mother crying at a crime scene, being treated like a criminal as she begs to go hold her baby that is bleeding out on the sidewalk before her eyes.  When a young child marches through the streets of Anaheim with a sign that reads “Justice for my dad.”

It would also be irresponsible not to mention the hypocrisy here.  As far as I know, this man has not been arrested for terroristic threats.  If an activist, especially a black activist, had made this video there is no chance at all that we wouldn’t be having to start a bail fund.

So to the racists, the cops, the politicians and pundits who are “just beside themselves with outrage” over this man who is dead for seemingly no reason- we get it.  We know that feeling all too well.

Just keep in mind we are over 800 times madder- and the protests, calls for justice, and anger will not be stopping- no matter how many little old ladies a racist Texan can hand a slingshot to.