Without apparent reason, a Texas police lieutenant detained and tasered a man who was walking down the street before arresting him last month in an incident caught on dascham video.

But Lancaster Lieutenant Michael Fine was cleared of any wrongdoing and allowed to return to work.

However, that decision did not sit well with the city manager, who last week placed the department’s chief on paid administrative leave over the issue, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Lancaster City Manager Opal Maudlin-Robertson was especially upset that Chief Cheryl Wilson waited five days before even informing her that she had allowed the lieutenant back to work after a brief investigation.

Mauldin-Robertson said Wilson’s decision to return Fine to the job “without any actions or recourse caused some questions and concerns regarding the completeness and independent review of this matter.”

She said Chief Wilson would remain on suspension until those questions were answered.

The tasering incident took place August 17 when Fine came across a man named Alexander Tucker, who was walking on the sidewalk wearing a dark hooded shirt and talking on his cell phone.

As you can see in the dash cam video, posted below, the incident has raised many Constitutional red flags; one of which include Tucker’s Fourth Amendment right to protection against illegal search and seizure. Let’s be clear, Fine had no right to detain Tucker if there was no suspicion of a crime being committed.

But that did not seem to matter to Fine, who flashes his blue lights and approaches Tucker, grabbing him. Fine never tells Tucker that he is being detained or why he is being detained.

As Fine forces Tucker to the hood of the cruiser, Tucker repeatedly asks why he is being grabbed. Tucker continues to show natural restraint against Fine’s unlawful detainment.

A slight struggle lands Tucker in handcuffs. The officer then pulls out his taser and uses it on Tucker to presumably “gain compliance.”

Fine searches Tucker and finds nothing illegal; but then decides to arrest Tucker for resisting arrest.

Tucker asks all of the pressing questions, “Why am I being arrested?”, “Why was I detained in the first place?”, all of these questions were asked to a death ear, of course.

The very next day The Lancaster Chief of Police Cheryl Wilson said the incident was, “serious, and appeared to, at a minimum, violate our policy.”

City Manager Opal Mauldin-Robertson, Assistant City Manager Rona Stringfellow, and City Attorney Bob Hager were all present in a meeting when Chief Wilson commented about the situation.

Fine was reassigned pending an administrative review about whether he justifiably used his taser. Chief Wilson agreed to keep city leaders updated on the situation.

But apparently,  Wilson failed to keep her word.