11-year-old Florida Honor Role Student Handcuffed for Bouncing Basketball

Nathan Dimoff

A fifth-grade student was handcuffed by a cop after he did not hear the deputy telling him to stop bouncing the ball.

“Now you’ll see how it feels to be arrested,” the Florida sheriff's deputy told the boy before placing him in handcuffs.

Fatayi Jomoh, an honor roll student, was at the JaxPAL gym in Jacksonville where a children’s basketball game sponsored by the Police Athletic League just finished.

That was when a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer decided to put Jomoh in handcuffs.

Jomoh's mother, Bunmi Borisade, was at the gym at the time but in a different section and was unaware of what was going on until another child came up and told her.

“A little girl came up to me and said, 'Hey, excuse me. Your son is being arrested for dribbling a basketball.' I said, 'You can’t be serious,'” Borisade told News4Jax.

The officer asked Jomoh three times to stop dribbling the ball, according to Yahoo News.

But Jomoh's is claiming that he did not hear the requests due to the event being crowded and he did not see the officer until he turned around to pack up his things.

"'I know you hear me, boy, now you’ll see how it feels to be arrested,'” Borisade told Yahoo News.

Jomoh was released to his mother with no charges.

JaxPAL's website says their mission statement is:

[Create] "positive relationships between law enforcement officers and the youth of our community through educational, athletic and leadership programs."

​Borisade says that the interaction with the officer has done the opposite and has made both her and Jomoh fear cops now, according to WTXL.

Borisade has filed a complaint regarding what transpired at the game. The officer's name has not been releaed.

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I think that it wasn't funny for this kid and especially for his mother. I think that this story is an example of kinda bad sense of humor. I've written an article about how the police go too far with adolescents here https://pro-papers.com/blog/sociology-research-topics . So, I don't think that it was a funny joke.


whitsibley - you are absolutely correct. Why would this child even have to obey that command? And if he had to obey, which he didn't, this becomes an arrestable offense?


Even if the kid did hear him, this is an abuse of power. Big surprise.


It never ceases to amaze me how Retarded Law Enforcement can be! The pimple is going to pop one day!

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