12-Year-Old Boy Who Questioned Cop on Camera Posts Follow-Up Video

Carlos Miller

12-Year-Old Boy Who Questioned Cop on Camera Posts Follow-Up Video.

The 12-year-old boy who made a video go viral this week by questioning a Las Vegas motorcycle cop on camera on what gave him the right to park his bike on a sidewalk posted a follow-up video showing his face for the first time.

His name is Jeremy Drew and he looks like any shaggy haired kid his age but his message in his second video shows he is wise beyond his years.

His original video, which is posted above, received more than 4 million page views, which explains why so many PINAC readers sent it to me this week, many of them saying he is my long-lost son, which was highly complimentary considering how cool the kid remained when he asked the cop for his badge number.

I had sent him a message through Youtube a couple days ago, asking to interview him, offering him a free PINAC Nation t-shirt and cap for being such a stand-up kid.

But he never responded, which is understandable considering he was probably being swamped by countless other interview requests.

However, his message in the video below is all we need to find out what motivates this kid.

He’s no different than any of us in that he believes cops should be held to a higher standard but he is much more idealistic in that he is left wondering why there is so much negativity among the viewers who commented on his video.

That negativity seems to be part of the Youtube culture but it also comes with age as he will probably learn. Either way, we can learn a lot from him, so hopefully he’ll keep posting videos.

And Jeremy, if you’re reading this, the offer for the t-shirt and cap still stands. Check out the selection here and either message me at the email below or leave a comment.


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