9 NY Cops Stop Man at Motorcycle-Only Checkpoint, Claim his Helmet Cam Illegal

Police Encounter with NINE NYPD Officers: SHARE! (Special Episode 1)
Police Encounter with NINE NYPD Officers: SHARE! (Special Episode 1)

VISIT http://MotorcyclePolicy.com for the FACTS about motorcyclists. My first police encounter: an NYPD motorcycle checkpoint, featuring NINE officers. Yes, ...

Ben Keller

A NY man was stopped without cause at a sidewalk checkpoint; cops go on fishing expedition, claim his camera is illegal.

Video recorded with a GoPro Helmet cam then posted by youtuber Moto Royali on May 13 shows nine New York cops ordering a black man to stop his motorcycle at a motorcycle-only checkpoint before officers go on a fishing expedition, claiming his helmet camera was illegal.

"He can't have this camera on his helmet," one officer says with a straight face to another officer.

"Yeah, he can't be out here with anything on it," an officer replies.

Even though the man riding the motorcycle wasn't breaking any laws to be pulled over for probable cause, officers ask for his ID in an apparent effort to conduct a fishing expedition.

One of the officers continues acting as if the stop was legitimate in the first place when he gave no legitimate reason why he made the stop.

"Are you going to inspect his bike?" the skinny cop with dark brown hair asks another officer.

"I think it's, uh, this area," the officer says while waiving his hand in a circle around the area of the motorcycle.

The officer looks down at the bike momentarily before suddenly realizing what he has a problem with isn't the motorcycle.

"I think it's . . . I think it's just the camera," he says again with a straight face while the other officers avoid eye contact and pretend to be busy on their phones.

"OK? Because, I know guys like to like, you know, record while you're riding on whatever. But if it happens to fall off it more or less becomes like debris, you know," he continues explaining with a serious demeanor.

"So, you can't have anything on your helmet like cameras, mohawks, the GoPros; you can't have anything attached."

"Because if it winds up becoming dislodged while you're driving. You know, it's going to hit people behind you, or whatever the case is. That's mainly the reason behind it," he explains.

The motorcyclist replies to the officer by requesting the specific statute pertaining to helmet cameras, mohawks and GoPros like he stated.

"One thing I notice . . . is that people talk about that. But when I tried to look it up, I didn't see anything," he responds to the officers ridiculous act.

"Give me a second," the officer says before borrowing a cell phone from a nearby cop to read the statute.

He then spends the next minute stalling and advising him to google the local -level statute.

"It says that you can't add anything to your helmet. It doesn't say specifically, camera."

"Yeah," the cop taking charge of the detainment says.

"It's not cameras. That's what I'm saying. It's anything being attached [to the helmet]," he says before repeating the same excuse.

"If say a GoPro comes off, and it hits you, and comes off while your driving or something like that."

"It's more or less for your safety. Stuff like that. Other than that, you're good," the officer says before allowing Moto Royali to be free to go on his way.

After recording the video, Moto Royali narrated an intro. with a brief explanation and saying it was his first time to be harassed by police in New York.

"This happens every day in New York City," he tells viewers.

"But for me, it was the first time."

New York began conducting motorcycle-only checkpoints, which are not carried out on drivers in cars, in 2006 after a New York State Police officer was killed while pursuing a speeding motorcyclist.

Soon after, New York State Police set up a motorcycle checkpoint program named "Operation 5060" after the badge number of New York State Police Trooper Craig J. Todeschini.

In 2015, Congress banned federal funding for motorcycle-only checkpoints, according to RussBrown.com.

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Today is December 4th 3:42 p.m. I got stopped by a detective telling me that I cannot have nothing in my helmet and I had a GoPro in my helmet and it was Secure I told them to show me some proof that I cannot have my GoPro on my helmet and he keep on going saying it don't belong and I helmet so I'm going to court and fight it because I got my legal rights and again in this nothing and the internet saying that the GoPro is illegal


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Robert the Bruce
Robert the Bruce

I’m a retired 19 year police veteran with a gold shield (not NYPD), and I can tell you those officers are either misinformed, ignorant or lying.

As we see from their inability to cite the statute or even find it on their own app, there is no NYC or state law prohibiting affixing something to a motorcycle helmet.

The federal statute correctly cited by plamb4160, 49 CFR § 571.218 - Standard No. 218; Motorcycle helmets, is a certification testing standard that applies only to helmet manufacturers seeking federal DOT certification.

It does not apply to the buyer or user of the helmet.

A card with this cite that can be presented or used to explain why they are wrong might be useful. Or, move to a state where you don’t have to wear a helmet at all, like Colorado, and glue your GoPro to your head if you want.

Doctor Who
Doctor Who

The NYS VTL is not rocket science, It is well covered in the NYPD accadamy, these topics are covered in the checkpoint briefings.


The law, specifically the federal statute to which NYS VTL refers (NYS VTL actually says nothing on the matter), says "nothing can be rigidly affixed to your helmet". An engineers understanding of this language means it can't be screwed/bolted on. Adhesives are not, by definition, considered rigid. As for the excuse of it falling off...bullshit people toss crap of greater consequence than a GoPro out their windows all the time and I don't see them writing tickets. Lastly, buy a tethering cable that way if the adhesive fails the camera doesn't go flying.


The cop was right about it being against the law — https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/49/571.218.

Although these checkpoints are bogus. But then again, people are glad to freely give away more and more of their civil liberties while at the same time making claims that they’re entitled to government handouts.


So is it illegal or not? That's New York,.. everything is illegal there.


Who trusts the cops anymore because they lie and have too many mistaken beliefs, but the Number 1 cause of Law Enforcement Deaths is Traffic Accidents!


When a cop says that you can't do this or that, he is giving his OPINION on the matter. We have far to many (thousands!) of examples of cops not understanding not only the intent but often not understanding the letter of the law.

If you have a plumbing problem, you call an expert. If you are buying a house, you get an opinion on the value of the house from an expert.

POLICE ARE NOT EXPERTS ON THE LAWS that they are paid to enforce.

They show up in force, which should be the first clue that this is nothing more than a uniformed, legally sanctioned mafia.

Citizen Journalism