Akron cop fighting suspension ends up with triple the time

Carlos Miller

Akron cop fighting suspension ends up with triple the time

The Akron police officer, who appealed a 15-day suspension after defying his supervisor’s orders in arresting a woman who filmed him, ended up with a 45-day suspension this week.

Despite the severity of his punishment, Donald Schismenos still deserves to be terminated.

After all, he not only arrogantly defied a direct order, he had a woman jailed for 18 hours on false charges.

The initial 15-day suspension came from the police chief. The 45-day suspension was handed down by Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic.

The mayor wrote the following in a letter to Schismenos, according to the Akron Beacon Journal:

“Your actions have brought disrepute to the Akron Police Department and yourself by causing both to be cast in a negative light to the public,” Plusquellic wrote in a letter to Schismenos. ”Additionally, you have been counseled previously about your interactions with citizens.”
”The severity of your disregard for your sergeant’s reasonable directive to you warrants the maximum penalty,” the mayor wrote in his letter. ”Your blatant disregard for your sergeant’s reasonable directive led to a citizen spending a night in jail prior to the charges against her being dropped.”

The incident occurred last June when Sarah Watkins filmed Schismenos arresting a man for disorderly conduct.

Schismenos then ordered Watkins to hand over her camera. She refused.

Schismenos’s supervisor, Sgt. David Hammond, told him to “let it go” because it was not worth confiscating the woman’s camera for a disorderly conduct arrest. Not to mention he had no legal right to confiscate the camera without a subpoena.

The following day, Schismenos had Watkins arrested on a felony warrant of tampering with evidence.

After spending 18 hours in jail, the charges against her were dropped.

She is now considering a lawsuit.


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