American Cops Calling for Further Police Militarization

Carlos Miller

American Cops Calling for Further Police Militarization in Wake of Paris Attacks

The dust had barely settled from Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris when cops in the United States began calling for further militarization of police, claiming they are unequipped to protect our country from terrorism.

But militarizing police, as we have learned, results in them stripping us of our rights at gunpoint by treating us like enemy combatants in our own country.

Nevertheless, this is how it was presented on the popular police Facebook page Blue Lives Matter.

It’s evident that the cop who wrote this is still angry over President Obama’s executive order this year banning the flow of military weapons from our overseas wars to our city streets into the hands of police.

Now police in this country will no longer receive armored vehicles, weaponized aircraft, vessels or vehicles as well as firearms and ammunition of .50 caliber or higher, not to mention grenade launchers, bayonets and camouflage uniforms.

So thanks to Obama, police feel inadequate to battle terrorism.

But the ACLU published an in-depth report last year that shows militarized police turn into the domestic terrorists by raiding people’s homes on non-violent allegations, including minor marijuana sales.

So hopefully, these latest attacks won’t give our government a sudden case of amnesia about the dangers of militarized police.

However, we must prepare for police in the next few weeks to beat the drums for further militarization.

According to the Southern California-based police magazine, Behind the Badge OC:

Those who cringe at the militarization of police should take note. Law enforcement is only responding to the changing world we live in. They didn’t create it; they just have to police it.
Every law enforcement officer in the United States is thinking the same thing. Are we ready for the next one?

But every citizen should be thinking the same thing, which is, history has proven that police will use these weapons against the people they supposedly protect and serve.

The reality is, police in this country have been stockpiling hand-me-down weapons from the military for two decades, and rarely, if at all, have ever had to use them against terrorists.

So they should be more than equipped to handle any terrorist act if it comes down to guerrilla warfare on the streets.

And as far as demilitarization of police being a result of “liberal ideologies,” here is a video of conservative judge Alex Kozinski of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, speaking about the dangers of police militarization.


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