“Angel of Death” Psychologist Getting Rich Justifying Killer Cops


“Angel of Death” Psychologist Getting Rich Justifying Killer Cops (UPDATED)

Ed. Note: Contact the President of Minnesota State University Richard Davenport by Phone: 507-389-1111 or by Email: richard.davenport@mnsu.edu if you think it’s wrong to have a Professor Emeritus doing what you’re going to read about below.

UPDATE 8/12: Minnesota State University, Mankato’s Director of Media relations has told the following to PINAC: “The reason I am writing you is to let you know that Dr. William Lewinski has not been employed at Minnesota State University, Mankato for more than five years. His last date of employment here at the University was May 10, 2010. In addition, the Force Science Institute, Ltd., is not part of Minnesota State University, Mankato and does not receive funding from the University.” Continued requests for clarification of the meaning and status of Bill Lewinski’s claimed title “Professor Emeritus of Law Enforcement” – which is also listed on the Force Science Institute – and for clarification of Minnesota State, Mankato University’s past and current relationship to Force Science Institute and it’s physical location, permission to moonlight and more have been sent to Mr. Benson, but not yet answered. This editor’s note in this article has been updated to note Lewinski’s proper title as “Professor Emeritus” and underlined.

William J. Lewinski has been using a combination of questionable “science” and research to travel the “killer cop” circuit for decades, charging upwards of $1,000 per hour for his expert testimony.

The New York Times reports that the Angel of Death’s testimony always is in favor of the state.

The behavioral scientist from Minnesota State University has never seen an officer involved shooting that he didn’t consider justified.

If that sounds to you like a fake university from a TV script, you’re not out of your mind. Minnesota State University was a fictional institution made up for the sitcom “Coach” and then later used by the former Mankato State University two years after the show’s run featuring Craig Nelson ended.

There’s nothing funny about this fake expert

Whenever police officers shoot civilians under questionable circumstances, Lewinski is the man they call to defend their actions.

The appearance of impropriety in hiring a purported expert who never, ever finds fault in the state is strong.

If an officer lies and a citizen dies, it’s all justified by his “Force Science Institute”.

If a citizen sues and wins, it’s all paid for by the state too, including the prosecution of wrongdoing, or in too many cases, the defense of the indefensible.

That’s where the Angel of Death Bill Lewinski enters the picture.

Regardless of the circumstance or evidence, police departments can always count on Lewinski to have their back.

Testifying in over 200 cases throughout his career,Bill Lewinski has helped exonerate countless cops across the country.

In April, PINAC reported on Lewinski’s defense of Robert Bates, the volunteer reserve deputy who accidentally shot and killed Eric Harris, mistaking his gun for a taser. That infamous Oklahoma police video introduced us to Officer “Fuck Your Breath”.

William H. Lewinski chalked up the deadly mistake by a 73-year-old volunteer officer to the physiological theory for which he invented called “slips-and-capture.”

In fact, Lewinski’s testimony is often limited by DA’s Motion for Limine in which a judge decides which evidence should be heard or not heard in front of the jury, according to case law found easily on the internet.

“Dr. Lewinski does not seem to meet any of the standards required for expert testimony in our courts. Instead his unscientific opinions are used to mislead juries.” said Florida criminal defense lawyer Warren Redlich.

According to Police One:

“These are mistakes that are made when you think you are doing one thing but you actually are doing another and the result often is directly opposite of what you intended,” Lewinski says. “In effect, your intended behavior ‘slips off’ the path you wanted it to go because it is ‘captured’ by a stronger response and sent in a different direction.

Bill Lewinski earlier provided testimony which helped clear a Vancouver, B.C. constable after an officer shot Paul Boyd dead in 2007.

Paul Boyd was wounded, unarmed and crawling in the street when he was fatally shot.

Lewinski cited another one of his own physiological phenomenons which he called, “inattentional blindness,” as the reason the officer was unable to properly assess the threat.

After CBCNews released several reports on Lewinski and his close financial relationship with police, the British Columbia Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner stated that his department would “not use Lewinski” in future cases.

“It seems like Lewinski is the go-to guy when you can’t get a more credible pro-police expert like Massad Ayoob to testify favorably,” said Redlich who’s well known for his Fair DUI flyer.

The battle tested bias that the 70-year-old “expert” brings to the table makes him a hot commodity in the courtroom.

“He won’t give an inch on cross-examination,” said Elden Rosenthal, a lawyer who represented the family of James Jahar Perez, the man killed in the 2004 Portland shooting. In that case, Dr. Lewinski also testified before the grand jury, which brought no charges. Defense lawyers like Dr. Lewinski, Mr. Rosenthal said. “They know that he’s battle-hardened in the courtroom, so you know exactly what you’re getting.”

Lewinski is reportedly very confident in the courtroom and is seldom flustered by cross examination.

Lewinski — who received his doctorate from the Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities, a distance learning school — published his research in police magazines instead of behavioral science journals.

Fellow psychologists question the reliability of his research since it has not been peer-reviewed.

He often uses psuedoscientific terms which lack peer review and are self-created, alongside research which isn’t peer reviewed to justify whichever officer happens to be on trial or under investigation.

Juries have shown that Lewinski is able to convince them that officers are actually in fear of the lives, creating the reasonable doubt for the cop to walk.

Most of the “science” for which Lewinski relies on is the amount of time (.25 seconds) that it takes for a potential suspect to draw a gun and shoot a cop.

Thereby giving cops a license to kill anyone and be “justified” based on the fact that the suspect could be armed and could be willing to shoot a cop.

Nonetheless, the shoot first, ask questions later narrative is being taught to law enforcement across the country. Everyone is a potential threat, who is .25 seconds away from gunning down a cop.

Florida lawyer and open carry advocate Eric Friday commented on Lewinski’s testimony skills that, “the ability of expert witnesses to mislead jurors is one reason why it is so important that law enforcement be required to use body cameras to record their interactions with citizens.”

Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Milwaukee and Seattle have all received training from Lewinski and his company.

Lewinski has even crossed the pond and given horrifying advice to UK cops. In London’s Met Police faced a jury for a dubious killing in Hackney in 1999.

The Angel of Death went transatlantic to mislead a British jury trying officers on suspicion of Murder.

Their Professional Firearms Officers Association awarded Lewinski with Lifetime Membership for his act of courtroom heroism.

I’m sure it came with a nice vacation both at trial and later.

He trains cops to be trigger happy, then defends their actions in court for $1,000 an hour, a lucrative proposition indeed.

Training police to shoot first costs taxpayers a fortune in defending the police, the settlements, and paying for experts – like Lewinski – which shows the clear conflict of interest inherent in having someone train agents of the state to wound or kill citizens in pre-emptive self defense.

If the Angel of Death was busy training departments to de-escalate, his pricey courtroom services to might no longer be in demand.


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This article sights no names or studies that show, who or how Dr. Lewinsky Force science is bad science. This article is a complete slander of very reliable and known physiological information and studies that have been around for decades. Clearly the "bsanders" who wrote this opinion is a author motivated by an agenda to just blemish a person with zero facts to back it up....It is insulting to all the great scientists that dedicated their lives work to studying vision, body mechanics....some of those names are Dr. Dan Simons, Dr. Roger Enoka, Steve Yantis...once "bsanders" reads these people's work, "bsanders" should write an apology....

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