Awarded for Bravery, But Fears a Camera, Officer Assaults Cameraman


Awarded for Bravery, But Fears a Camera, Officer Assaults Cameraman

PINAC Correspondent Felipe Hernandez (highdesert community watch news network) and his then 16-year-old son Elijah were out and about on a beautiful spring afternoon capturing video and stills of the San Bernardino County Government Complex in downtown San Bernardino, California on May 17th, 2016.

This complex covers multiple city blocks and is the home of many of San Bernardino County’s agencies and the local offices of many state and federal agencies. The City, County, and State Courthouses are also found in this area and as one would expect there is also a large law enforcement presence during business hours.

The video starts with the Hernandez duo, walking through a public area where they encounter probation officers walking at least a 100 plus feet away from them speaking loudly and shouting for them to stop so they can talk with them. The Hernandez duo continues walking knowing that have done nothing unlawful or illegal heading in the direction of their car parked off of county property a few blocks from the government center.

The video continues and as the Hernandez duo get close to the edge of the center’s property, they are grabbed, restrained and detained by J. Holmes and L, Jaramillo. Jaramillo held Elijah by the arm applying pressure to pain compliance point and then Holmes held Felipe by the belt loop and then the whole waistband of Felipe’s jeans, Holmes would later pull upwards and backward and Felipe will have to stand on his tip toes to lessen the pain being inflicted to his scrotum and groin area.

During this Felipe calls his daughter Philicity on the phone and asked her to contact Felipe with PINAC, I get her call and I promptly call Felipe and attempt to intervene with no success and then I begin to go through the San Bernardino County Probation Departments chain of command until I get a human on the other end and not a voicemail. I made contact with the agency’s Public Information Officer and explained the situation, she promised to go intervene as you seen in the video, she does not appear until after officers from the San Bernardino City Police arrive and intervene at my request.

Then, I called the San Bernadino City police to get the group of Probation officers to release PINAC crew members and it worked. Total time detained was over an hour, and involved four separate agencies, contract security, San Bernadino County Probation officers a total of 26 of them, San Bernadino County Sheriffs 2 of them and 4 employees of the City of San Bernardino Police Department for a total of over 30 all for 2 guys with cameras who’s combined weight is likely just over 220lbs with most officers weighing over 250lbs and that includes the females as well.

Knowing this was an actionable incident we began collecting the data and materials related to all the parties we could identify. The first person we identified is John Holmes, not the long deceased adult film actor but the ginger giant who was awarded a medal of valor for responding the incident on December 2, 2015, at the Social Services complex after all the shooting was over and for simply driving fast and wandering around the crime scene. He did not encounter any criminals nor take any into custody nor did the 20 others from his employer that received Medals of Valor related to the same incident.

Then there is Probation Officer Isabel Jaramillo and you might have guessed it, she is a hero too, with all these heroes I was finding, I found it difficult to believe that somehow they feared for others when they again tested their individual bravery by detaining, battering and violating the rights of Felipe Henandez and his son Elijah.
The Hernandez family requested the assistance of The Hemming Firm and on July 12, 2017 a Civil Rights Law Suit was filed on behalf of Felipe and Elijah seeking damages in order to force agencies to educate and supervise their employees as the Constitution of the United States and the Laws of California have not been able to put them in check and stop this ridiculous behavior, because Photography Is Not A Crime.

Please assist these fine folks, out there holding public officials accountable by donating here at their Go Fund Me page or buy at T-shirt

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yes i saw this bully assault Mr. Hernandez, you guys need to win this case for the community and amerikkka corrupt policing


I watched the video on YouTube. The state of policing in this country is sad these days. Please keep up the good work.

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