Baltimore Mom Catches Son Rioting, Beats Him on National TV

Carlos Miller

As usual when we see inner city riots

It is common for the masses to accuse the entire community of participating in these acts, demanding to know why they would destroy their own cities in the names of justice.

But the truth is, it is always the young people along with the criminals and maybe a few opportunists taking part in the destruction and looting. People who are either too immature to see the big picture or not very interested in the big picture.

And while there may be poverty, there is not necessarily a lack of parental values or discipline. In reality, it’s just more of a struggle because of economic circumstances.

But here is a set of videos showing a mother beating her teenage son for participating in the riots. The videos speak for themselves, so I will just let you view them.

Other sites are referring to her at the “Mom of the Year.” We will probably see them on CNN soon.


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