Baltimore News Station Caught Manipulating Video

Carlos Miller

Watch: Baltimore News Station Caught Manipulating Video to Paint Protesters as Cop Killers.

As police union leaders fling blame of the recent NYPD shooting deaths on anti-police brutality protesters, a Baltimore television news station was caught manipulating a protest video to make it seem as if demonstrators were calling for the death of cops when all they were doing was calling for the imprisonment of cops that kill.

FOX 45 obtained the footage from C-Span, which ran the clip in its entirety, capturing a woman named Tawanda Jones leading a crowd of protesters in Washington D.C. with the following chant:

We can’t stop!
We won’t stop!
’til killer cops
are in cell blocks!

But FOX 45 snipped off the last portion of the last phrase, which changed the entire context of the chant:

We can’t stop!
We won’t stop!
So kill a cop!

A female narrator was also sure to inform readers that these protesters were calling for the death of cops. Both videos are below.

Jones, a Baltimore woman whose brother was killed by police last year during a traffic stop in which an autopsy determined he died from “positional asphyxiation,” has been leading dozens of protesters since then, calling for police reform.

But this was the first time she was accused of calling for the death of cops.

She posted the following statement on Facebook:

Baltimore Bloc, an activist group that she belongs to, posted the following comment as well.

FOX 45 has since issued a clarification on its Facebook page, but not an explanation.

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vegas jack
vegas jack

I do not believe a goddamn thing WBFF FOX 45 has said! At the very least, they are proving what a horrible news station they are, if they can't do a simple check for accuracy. The fact they cut off the chant where they did, indicates they are unprofessional LIARS and I hope Ms Jones called them out on it live on air!

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