BREAKING: 11 Dallas Police Officers Shot by Sniper at Rally


BREAKING: 11 Dallas Police Officers Shot by Sniper at Rally, 4 Dead, Suspect Wearing Body Armor Arrested.

Over a dozen Dallas Police officers surrounded and arrested one of the alleged two snipers suspected of killing and wounding ten cops at a peaceful protest.

The live apprehension was broadcast on local TV news live, as you can see in the clip below.

Bystanders cheered.

Dallas Police Chief David O’Neal Brown released a statement minutes before the arrest, saying that three of his police officers have died tonight, two are in surgery and three others are in critical condition after being shot by snipers at a protest/rally tonight.

Dallas PD later tweeted that a fourth officer succumbed to a gunshot wound.

Of those officers, one of the deceased and four of the injured belonged to the DART Police, who patrol Dallas’ mass transit system.

The sniper suspect captured by police alive, wearing body armor along with his camouflage pants and a gas mask over his head.

Immediately after the shooting, video shot by protesters – which you can see below – shows that there was a large mass of peaceful demonstrators along the sidewalks, as multiple police cruisers rushed to the scene with their sirens blaring.

Dallas police video posted to twitter demonstrated the primarily non-violent nature of the protests themselves, against police brutality incidents in Minnesota and Louisiana this week.

Unfortunately, an armed killer or killers took advantage of the situation to commit four cold-blooded murders of Dallas police officers.

Dallas Police are still seeking a second suspect, and tweeted an image of a man who is now NOT believed to be suspected in this horrific tragedy.

This isn’t the first time police brutality protests have turned violent in the last year.

Minneapolis protesters were shot outside of a police station by violent white supremacists, while expressing their grievances over the police shooting and killing of Jamar Clark, just two nights after his death last winter.

Dallas police suspect that a bomb may be in the area too, but that is not confirmed.

This is a breaking story and may be updated.


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