Brevard Detective Brian Stoll Reprimanded by Internal Affairs

Carlos Miller

Brevard Detective Brian Stoll Reprimanded by Internal Affairs for Arrest on PINAC Editor

Brevard County Sheriff’s Detective Brian Stoll was reprimanded by internal affairs for his arrogant and unprofessional behavior in arresting PINAC editor Jeff Gray, including the condescending attitude he displayed toward’s Gray’s wife, which was being recorded unknowing to him.

It just goes to show you the importance of recording every interaction with police, especially when you take a look at Stoll’s bulky internal affairs file and realize that most of the complaints against him were determined to be unfounded.

However, the internal affairs sergeant based most of his investigation on the video that was posted on Photography is Not a Crime in the wake of Gray’s arrest October 23, determining that Stoll was guilty of violating three departmental policies.

Not only was Stoll rude to Gray’s wife, he was sloppy in his investigation and in filing his report, the internal affairs sergeant stated.

But the sergeant was being generous because it is clear from the report that Stoll not only coerced a business owner to order him off the parking lot, but arrested Gray for trespassing after he had stepped off the property.

It is also clear that he broke Gray’s iPhone by smacking it out of his hand, even though he claims it could have been damaged before he smacked it – despite the fact that we posted video from the iPhone in the days after his arrest.

Gray still hasn’t been compensated for the phone, even though charges against him were dismissed.

The report redacts Stoll’s name because he is an undercover officer for the Game Over Task Force, but thanks to sources from within the department, we had his name within days after his arrest.

I’ve created a Dropbox folder with the rest of his internal affairs documents, which were obtained by PINAC public records specialist Thomas Covenant. I haven’t had a chance to go through everything, so maybe you guys will find something newsworthy.


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