Cadillac Unveils First 360 Car Camera Recording System


Cadillac Unveils First 360 Car Camera Recording System.

Cadillac owners will be able to record all of their police stops in 360 degrees soon, without having to buy any additional hardware.

Recording the police will be as easy as clicking save because the new Cadillac CT6 will utilize the cameras already built into the chassis that are used for rear view, collision avoidance and in the rear view mirrors.

According to the auto manufacturer’s website:

The CT6 utilizes four of the vehicles’ seven exterior cameras to provide recorded video of the CT6’s surroundings. The cameras are strategically placed without compromising the sculpted exterior — one in each door-mounted rearview mirror, one integrated into the front grille and one mounted on the rear trunk lid.
When the video recording system is activated, the cameras can capture video in one of two modes: using the front and rear cameras during vehicle operation or using all four cameras in a round-robin fashion when the vehicle security system is armed.

Police have used dash cams for years to record the mostly monotonous hours of normal patrol duty and staccato memorable moments of police abuse of authority that PINAC readers have come to expect, like today’s report about a Florida cop who let his K9 maul a non-violent suspect.

General Motors has a somewhat different vision why automobile mounted cameras are important to consumers.

Cadillac expects the surround-vision video recording system to be used by CT6 owners to record events such as a memorable drive, for security in the case of a vehicle being tampered with or to record an incident.

For years, police departments have claimed that these cameras frequently malfunction and lose the precious evidence taxpayers buy them to collect too.

Now every citizen will have a shot to learn how easy or difficult these cameras really can be to operate.

Perhaps more auto manufacturers will take note, and integrate these cameras and recording systems as a standard feature.

Because citizens want more recording every day, for their safety.


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