California Cop Awaiting Trial for Shooting and Killing Drunk Driver

Carlos Miller

California Cop Awaiting Trial for Shooting and Killing Drunk Driver Arrested on Drunk and Disorderly Charges.

Patrick Feaster, the California cop who made it his mission to stop drunk drivers, even to the point of shooting and killing one last year, was arrested on drunk and disorderly charges on Sunday.

At least the former Paradise police officer, who has been repeatedly awarded by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, was not driving.

But he was jailed until he sobered up, the Chico Police Department told KRCR News.

Feaster, who is also facing involuntary manslaughter charges for shooting and killing a man named Andrew Thomas in November 2015 after the rolled his car over, will not appear in court for the latest charge.

The 31-year-old was arrested along with his younger brother, Timothy Feaster at 3:24 a.m.

He is due in court on Wednesday for the manslaughter charge, according to Action News Now.

Feaster told the media a few years ago that his uncle was killed by a drunk driver, which is why he was so adamant about arresting drunk drivers.

The newest incident occurred just over a month after being indicted involuntary manslaughter in an incident caught on dashcam that has since went viral.

Feaster was about to pull over a suspected DUI driver when the driver hit the median and rolled the vehicle. Just after the vehicle came to rest, the driver later identified as Andrew Thomas, was seen crawling out of the vehicle window, which had come to rest on it’s side.

As Feaster approached the vehicle he drew his service weapon and fired. The bullet severed Thomas’s spinal cord.

Feaster was then heard on the dashcam for Thomas to come out of the vehicle in which Thomas stated he was unable to move. Feaster is then heard on the radio that Thomas was being uncooperative. Feaster was then seen on dashcam looking on the ground for the shell casings.

Feaster was not originally charged with the shooting until after Thomas’s death.

Thomas then told another officer who arrived at the scene that he was shot by the officer, to which the officer responded “no he didn’t shoot you”.

After 11 minutes had passed the supervising officer on scene instructed Feaster and other officers to go back to the bar, which Thomas was seen leaving, to see if Thomas was shot there. Only then did Feaster admit that he shot him as he exited the vehicle.

PINAC Reporter Rusty Davis contributed to this report.


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