California Cop Pulls Gun on Man for Video Recording Him in Public

Carlos Miller

California Cop Pulls Gun on Man for Video Recording Him in Public (UPDATED).

A California cop who did not appreciate being video recorded by a citizen while driving through a residential neighborhood stepped out of his car with his gun drawn, ordering the man to take his hand out of his pocket as if to insinuate that he was in fear for his life.

But it was obvious that the Rohnert Park police officer only wanted to intimidate the man because he first snapped a photo of him from inside his car.

“Put your gun away,” said Don McComas as the cop walked towards him with his gun drawn.

“You don’t touch me,” McComas repeatedly said as he backed away from the cop’s advances.

“When I tell you to take your hand out …” the cop said, warning him that if he does not comply, he can easily die.

McComas apparently has had previous issues with this department because he said, “you guys have done enough to my family.”

But the cop said, “I don’t even know who you are, which is doubtful considering he spoke into his radio about being at “that address.”

And when McComas asked, “Why did you get out of your vehicle?”, the cop responded by saying, “You’re taking a picture of me, I’m taking a picture of you.”

UPDATE: We have rectified the original video below from the time stamp 2:21 for easier viewing. You can see the horizontal black bars in the portion of video edited. The original video remains at the bottom of the article.

And obviously when that failed to intimidate McComas, the cop had no other choice but to escalate the intimidation.

At one point, the cop asked, “are you some kind of Constitutionalist?”

McComas posted the video to his Facebook account on July 29 with the following message:

How about having a gun pulled on you today. Love the RP Police.
NOTE, I am not anti police however the lies and distrust I’ve encountered from the Rohnert Park & Petaluma Police over the last 15 months is something I wouldn’t ever believe if I heard it from someone else. This is just a time I was smart enough to hit record as I was approached at my home.
Backdrop: I was hooking the boat up when the officer pulled slowly into my court. When he rounded infront of my house he stopped yet did nothing, then crept forward and instead of leaving toward Snyder he rounded the court opposite of me, then stopped facing me for a few minutes, doing nothing but pointing straight at me/my house. After a couple minutes I was concerned enough to pull out my phone and hit record. Glad I did. The arragance he showed me shouldn’t come from an officer of the law. They should de-escalate, not escalate or provoke….
Very thankful my 5 year old daughter and the rest of the family were not home as well….

We have reached out to MComas for further details but he has not yet responded. But when he does, we’ll be sure to update the story.

In the meantime, leave the Rohnert Park Police Department a comment on their Facebook page, where less than 24 hours ago, they posted the following post, which we can now see, is nothing but spin.



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