California Grandmother Mysteriously Dies in Jail


California Grandmother Mysteriously Dies in Jail, Family Devastated and Seeking Answers.

The family of a California grandmother who suffered from schizophrenia and mysteriously died in jail last week are receiving no answers from police when Celestine Allen, 50, was found unresponsive and alone in her jail cell last Tuesday.

The woman’s daughter believes it is so that they have time to come up with a story.

The staff at the San Joaquin County Jail in Stockton, California reported attempted life saving measures, but to no avail.

Besides claiming that there appears to be no foul play- the police are absolutely refusing to provide any other information to her grieving family.

“It seems like they have something they’re trying to cover up, because it’s like already I’m getting the run around, and it’s been a week,” Tonetta McDaniels, Allen’s daughter, told local news outlet FOX40.

The grandmother of two- and one more on the way- had been booked for an assault with a deadly weapon charge, but details regarding the circumstances of her arrest also remain scarce.

Her family believes that she may have been in a fight with another woman, but they have not been filled in.

“If they did a medical evaluation, if she was talking to a nurse, those are things that’s the first things that you do when you booked into jail I’m pretty sure … They couldn’t even answer those type of questions for me,” McDaniels continued.

Allen’s bereaved daughter was left to wonder if the death was related to an episode of schizophrenia in her mother, while authorities tried to blame the victim by suggesting suicide.

Now, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department is claiming that they will not have any answers at all for the family for six to eight weeks until a toxicology report is completed- as they say that full autopsies are protocol for deaths in custody.

A spokesperson from the department did tell the local Fox affiliate that it is too early to rule her death a suicide. They have not went public with any footage from the jail or any possible scenarios.

The family has stated that they are willing to be patient, and that they understand these things can take time- but wish the California cops would provide them with even a small amount of information.

But cops and jails love their secrets, more than they think we love our loved ones who die in their secretive prisons.


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