Carolina Female Sheriff’s Deputy Has Sex with 5 Male Deputies on Duty

Joshua Brown

The last thing the public would expect is for cops to have sex with each other on the job in uniform.

(well actually out of uniform because clothes are off), but that is exactly what five South Carolina sheriff’s deputies did with a female sheriff’s deputy on duty.

From sargents to lieutenants to captains, five sheriff’s deputies from the York County Sheriff’s Department were disciplined for having sex on the job with the same female deputy.  Sgt. Jennifer Forsythe for whatever reason had consensual sexual relationships on duty with several of her co-workers over a period of 14 years.

Sgt. Forsythe was even an employee of the month at one time. Now she is fired along with her on the job lover Deputy Daniel Hamrick. They both admitted to the relationship.

The Charlotte Observer reports that an anonymous complaint in late July 2017 started the investigation. The York County Sheriff’s Department launched an internal affairs investigation into the matter and discovered that Sgt. Forsythe had sexual encounters on duty on the property of the sheriff’s department. Once Sheriff Kevin Tolson was briefed on the police sexual escapades he took swift action in firing Sgt. Forsythe and Deputy Hamrick because they actually had their sex on the job from 2012 to as recent as 2017.

Sgt. Wayne Richardson, Sgt. Buddy Brown and Capt. Carson Neely were suspended for two weeks without pay because their on duty sex with Sgt. Forsythe happened years ago. Lieutenant Brian Boling was demoted and suspended for his on the job sex with Sgt. Forsythe.

Sheriff Tolson said

“The results of this investigation are very troubling and cast a dark cloud over the York County Sheriff’s Office and its reputation as a professional organization. The actions of these officers have undermined the public’s confidence in our organization and required swift and serious action. Make no mistake, this conduct will not be tolerated in this agency on my watch.”

The time period in which the sex took place along with the position and rank of officers were all considered when determining discipline levels, according to Sheriff Tolson.


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