Charlotte TSA Agent Refuses to Be Video Recorded

Joshua Brown

It is legal to video record the TSA.

Photography Is Not A Crime News went on assignment to video record the TSA at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, NC on August 24.

Our findings were rather interesting. Investigative Reporter Joshua Brown video recorded and took pictures of a TSA checkpoint and within seconds was met by a TSA officer that told him to stop filming. TSA lines are long and annoying, so the last thing you would want is to be hassled just for executing your 1st Amendment Right.

The TSA officer asked Mr. Brown not to film her multiple times, but that didn't have any effect because the camera kept rolling. Brown advised the officer that video recording is a 1st Amendment protected activity.

Brown went on to educate the officer that the TSA memo allows people to video record TSA checkpoints and take pictures.

The officer then radios her supervisor. Dressed in a pink shirt and yellow tie, her supervisor arrives and appears to instruct her that video recording is not a crime and no action can be taken against those that do.

The officer allows the video recording to continue and never re-approached Mr. Brown.

That is how you video record a TSA checkpoint while flexing your Constitutional Rights!

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"The officer allows the video recording to continue and never re-approached Mr. Brown."

This may seem petty... but the TSA agent didn't "allow" the recording to continue; her understanding of the law was wrong and she was corrected by her supervisor. What she did afterwards was to stop illegally harassing someone engaged in lawful activity.

vegas jack
vegas jack

Why am I not surprised this wasn't taught in training?

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