Chicago Cop Files Lawsuit Against Department After Facing Retaliation

Joshua Brown

Chicago police officer Jaeho Jung blew the whistle on officer misconduct within his department.

Including officers who fabricated reports and faked radio communications.

His supervisors responded by retaliating against him.

Now the 10-year veteran has filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department .

The lawsuit filed on October 11th details how superior officers reduced Jung’s furlough, removed him from the tactical team, and even threatened arrest.

The defendants in the suit referred to Jung as a “Chink”, which is considered a racial slur among Asian people.

One sergeant told him he now had a “brick” over him because he dared to report misconduct.

Another sergeant wrote him up for “inappropriate attire,” even though he was not dressed any differently than other officers.

The suit accuses an Officer Hayden of running the license plates of innocent motorists with the intention of developing “backgrounds” on them, which would eventually lead to probable cause for arrest, detainments and search warrant executions during future stops.

When Jung reported Hayden’s actions to Lieutenant Doss, the lieutenant told him he is tarnished in the eyes of upper management for reporting misconduct, according to CBS Chicago.

Jung maintains that the defendants acted with willful and wanton disregard.

Jung’s paid time off was even cut back by Doss after the lieutenant consulted with Sergeant Flechsig concerning Jung using unpermitted furlough.

The superiors wrote Jung up for the assumed violation.

Pursuant to the rules and guidelines of the Chicago Police Department and the collective bargaining agreement, Jung was suppose to be entitled to furlough.

The lawsuit states that Jung has received over 150 awards from the department and has never been disciplined.

Although Jung remains a officer with the department, he claims he suffered damages in the form of emotional distress and loss of opportunities within his job.

One lieutenant, three officers, and three sergeants are named in the suit.

Jung demands compensatory, attorney fees, and court costs.


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