Chicago Cop Threatens to Arrest Man for Recording him then Grabs for his Camera

Ben Keller

A Chicago cop was caught on video threatening to arrest a man for walking in the street, then grabbing for his camera.

Then he called the man a "retard."

All because he was recording him and asked the officer to repeat something he said before the camera was turned on.

The man began recording apparently after the officer came close to hitting him with an unmarked SUV.

The video, posted by Ken Marino, on Facebook on July 6 begins with Marino questioning a Chicago police officer named Hunt in an unmarked car and narrating.

"You said you trying to shoot mother f****rs?" Marino asks Hunt.

"No, I kill mother f****rs," officer Hunt replies.

"And you just tried to hit me with the car?"

"Don't try to film me, dude, alright? You want to try to do the bullshit, I"ll lock you up for walking in the street."

"I (sic) aint do nothing."

"You were walking in the street," Marino explains.

"Illegally," Hunt snaps.

"No, it's not."

"Bye," Hunt says as the SUV has he backs up in the SUV.

"You said you shoot people and kill people?"

"No," says the cop.

"Yes, you did, it's on camera, bro.," Marino says.

The cop then exits the SUV and walks up to Marino and his friend who are walking down the sidewalk.

"What? We gonna walk with you?" the man with Marino says as they calmly walk down the sidewalk.

"I'm gonna walk with you all day," officer Hunt says before continuing to harass the men.

"C'mon. We gotta go to the park."

"Let's go. Hey, we're gonna play in the park."

"You see him trying to kick it with us? Marino's friend says.

"You want to know the good news, though," Hunt asks.

​"Illinois is a two-party consent state. And I don't consent to you recording me today."

"I'm recording myself," Marino says.

"I'm on Snap Chat. You hopped in the camera. You said 'what's up?'"

"It's like my project for college."

"Alright, I'm gonna walk next to you," the cop says before trying to start an physical argument with the man.

"Watch out, man? You hit my shoe," the officer says before taking an aggressive posture towards Marino.

"Now, you're harassing me. Man, you're trippin'."

"You hit my shoe," the officer whines, feigning as if he'd been assaulted in some way.

"You just hit my shoe, bro!"

"You don't even know my mom's boyfriend is a Sergeant," Marion tells the cop.

"Call him!"

"Call him right now," the cop yells at Marino before trying to grab his phone from him.

"Call him; call him," he repeats.

"You don't even got your name tag."

"It's Hunt. [Badge number] 11442."

"I already said it, retard," he says before the video ends.

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Oh Boy another Retarded CPD Officer who does not understand that Videos Don't Lie! SOS needs to be thrown under the Bus and then flushed down the toilet. This cop will eventually cost the City Dearly!


Apparently the blue ISIS of Chicago Illinois has not heard about ACLU v. Alvarez. A member of the general public who openly records on-duty police officers in public places is a WELL ESTABLISHED right. Also... the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously declared the Illinois wiretapping law (720 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5 / Criminal Code of 2012. Article 14) unconstitutional in People v. Melongo and in People v. Clark.


"Illinois is a two-party consent state." The lying thug is wrong. Illinois is a one party consent state but that doesn't even matter as no one has an expectation of privacy in public. Cop doesn't even know the law. Wants to enforce his opinion no matter how stupid and baseless. Just another lying douche badge trying to pick a fight. Record the police always.

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