They were trying to catch speeders, but that didn't work out to well for them.

Recently released video from the Irving Police Department in Texas shows two police motorcycles crashing into each other after the officers pulled out to stop two different speeders.

The officers were not seriously hurt.

The crash happened on January 15 on Highway 183 shortly before 11:00 a.m.

The Irving Police Department originally reported the incident as a hit-and-run, but the investigation revealed that was a lie.

Irving Police said the two officers were parked on the left shoulder of the road working traffic when the lead officer pulled out to pull over a white car in the left lane.

The second officer pulled out to pull over a red car in the center lane. As the second officer accelerated while driving on the shoulder, the lead officer and his violator slowed to pull over on the left shoulder, NBC reports.

Meanwhile, a the driver of black car in the left lane behind the white car violator hit the brakes and boxed in the second before he could get ahead to pull over the red car.

That is when the second officer crashed into the lead officer.

The driver of the black car stopped in the roadway immediately, got out and checked on the officers then got back into his car. He then pulled out of the crash scene and over to the shoulder of the road, police said.

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Ok,​ this will supplant SRT's Kevin video as my favorite.


Were they issued Tickets for Failure to control their vehicles and other charges?