Company Sells Hideous T-Shirt With Hidden Camera

Carlos Miller

By now, we can pretty much conceal a video camera anywhere, including key chains, pens and eyeglasses.

And now a company is selling a t-shirt with a camera built into the chest area, allowing hands free video recording of anything you face.

I like the concept, but I would never wear such an ugly t-shirt.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge James Bond fan, but we all know 007 would never wear such a hideous piece of clothing, despite what the ad claims.

Perhaps one day a company will develop a stylish line of clothing that comes equipped with a camera. Or maybe they’ve already have.

A quick Google search came up with a shirt button camera that can be attached to a dress shirt that sells for $129.99.

The James Bond t-shirt retails for $39.99.

I’m thinking I should create a line of Photography is Not a Crime t-shirts that includes a built in camera. If anybody has any ideas or designs on how to do this, hit me up. We might be able to sell this.


Citizen Journalism