Conservative Website Apparently Led to Charlie

Carlos Miller

Conservative Website Apparently Led to Charlie Grapski’s Hospitalization Against his Will (Updated)

A conservative website that has taken an extremely pro-cop stance on the Ferguson police shooting of Mike Brown apparently led to Charlie Grapski’s probation officer to revoke his right to leave the state, ultimately leading to police hospitalizing him against his will on Wednesday.

The conversation on The Conservative Treehouse began with forum members discussing ways to jam wifi signals of live streamers covering the protests, but then turned to a discussion of Grapski and his probation status.

Grapski, who is on probation stemming from his 2009 public records investigation of Alachua County officials, had already received permission from his probation officer on Monday.

But on Wednesday, only hours after the conversation on the conservative website where forum members all vowed to call his probation office, he was called back in and told he needed to fill out more paperwork.

Once in the office, he was accused of making threats of violence on Twitter, which is complete hogwash, and told he would no longer be allowed to fly out to Ferguson. He said he became angry and words were exchanged before he stormed out of the office and sat in the car with his father talking to his lawyer.

Minutes later, he was swarmed by a SWAT team, who decided he needed to be Baker Acted, which under Florida law, allows authorities to hospitalized against one’s will if they show signs of mental illness as well as signs that they will be a danger to themselves or others.

Grapski is the most pacifist member of PINAC and does not even like to joke about committing acts of violence. And he said he allowed himself to be detained without resisting.

Kissimmee Police Sergeant Jeffrey Tambasco told a PINAC correspondent that they responded to a call of a “disturbance,” then he made the decision to Baker Act Grapski, even though he admitted that Grapski did nothing to warrant an actual arrest.

He said he will release a report by Monday.

Meanwhile, the copsucking, see something, say something government spy crowd at Conservative Treehouse were ecstatic at having prevented an American citizen from pursuing transparency and accountability of public officials, ironically and hypocritically posting to a backdrop of an American flag. No different than the lying politicians who wear American flag pins.

UPDATE: Kissimmee police released the incident report regarding Grapski, stating that he wanted to kill himself, which is why they felt the need to Baker Act him. The report also says the staff from the probation office accused him of making threats to police officers – which is something they never ignore – but obviously they didn’t believe these allegations because they never charged him with that.

The report also said that Grapski had not been taking his anti-depressant medication, which was another factor that led to them Baker Acting him.

I have not spoken to him and as far as I know, he is still in the hospital, but I do know he was distraught about not being allowed to travel to Ferguson after being told that he would be allowed to travel.

The report also says Grapski never resisted them and Grapski himself says the officers were not aggressive, instead blaming the probation officers who accused him of making threats, denying him his right to travel.

Regarding his medication, Grapski told me that the same woman who falsely accused him once took away his medication, claiming he had obtained them illegally, when he had, in fact, had a prescription.

Unfortunately, he does not have her name as she is not the probation officer whom he regular meets with, a man whom I spoken to before when he needed permission to travel to New Mexico earlier this year. This man also granted him permission to travel to Ferguson.

Grapski said that man is understandable of his situation and speaks of him with respect.

But this woman has obviously been trying to push him over the edge for some time and it looks as if she got her wish.


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