Cops Stop Man for Cracked Windshield, say they Smell Weed, Fail at Intimidation

Ben Keller

Pennsylvania state troopers stopped a man for a cracked windshield then went on a fishing expedition, intimidating him.

Video posted to YouTube on June 20 shows Pennsylvania state troopers pulling over a man for a cracked windshield, claiming they smell marijuana then going on a fishing expedition and attempting to intimidate the man.

The video starts with the trooper speaking to the man, and admitting he has already pulled him over once before for the same infraction.

"How you doin', man?"

"How we doing?"

"I'm good. I'm trooper Sekerka with the Pennsylvania State Police in Salisbury.

"The reason why we pulled you over, you had a cracked windshield."

"Oh, yeah, I explained that to the officers before."

"I know. I heard that. I was the officer. I know. You explained that to me."

"Do you want to step out of the car for me?"

"For what?"

"I just want to ask you a couple of questions outside of the vehicle."

Ultimately, the man gets out of the car.

The deputy then attempts to convince the man to leave his phone, which he was recording with, inside of the vehicle.

"You can leave the phone inside of the vehicle as well; you're not going to need that outside."

"I know. But I'm going to use it for your safety and my safety."

"OK," trooper Sekerka replies.

"If you want we can go up in front of my vehicle and we can record it up there. So everything is for your safety and my safety."

"You got any weapons or anything?" Sekerka asks the man.

"I don't consent to any searches."

"I just want to pat you down."

The trooper then explains he just wants to pat the man down, even though he's wearing swim shorts, to check for weapons.

The troopers then attempt to intimidate the man in an effort to identify him.

"If you don't have an identification, you don't have to give it to me, but I'm going to bring you down to Monroe County Correctional Facility and I'll ID you there."

"You're walking up on me like you're grabbing my ID?"the man retorts.

"Let me explain something to you, you're not intimidating me."

"I'm not trying to, but you need to give me your ID. You are not complying with me."

​The man hands his ID to the female officer.

"You can have my ID."

The conversation then turns to the odor of marijuana.

​"Why do I smell marijuana coming from the car?" trooper Sekerka asks.

"No you don't. Now you're making up things."

The man asks for a dog, but the trooper says the smells gives him probable cause and he does not need a dog to search his vehicle.

Eventually, they are free to go but do not receive any tickets after being stopped.

"Why don't they give me a ticket? Because he knows he's lying."

A supervisor shows up and tries to intimidate the man and his wife to go sit in the car.

"I"m walking away, sir. You're the aggressor," he says to the trooper, who then apologizes.

Watch the full video above.

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Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

This is just simply what I keep saying all along there’s no such thing as good cops because that culturalized bastardized fool said it was about a cracked windshield and then said that he smelled marijuana,these white cops are just simply a cancerous virus to this country.😎

No. 1-2

That guy is an arrogant cocky punk...

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