Crazy Homeless Lady Nearly Attacks Photographer On NYC Subway

Carlos Miller

Crazy Homeless Lady Nearly Attacks Photographer On NYC Subway

A young man who has a hobby recording trains was nearly attacked by a deranged homeless woman in New York City Saturday.

The photographer, who goes by ih8thyssenkrupp  on Youtube, wasn’t even pointing his camera in the direction of the homeless woman.

But that didn’t stop the homeless woman to begin threatening him, telling him he isn’t allowed to photograph people.

She even threatened to call the cops.

Meanwhile, another woman who witnessed the interaction kept telling the photographer to just walk away and not shoot anymore video.

None of the other countless people on the subway platform seemed to care.

I would have had my camera out in a flash, recording the entire interaction. If everybody did that, the homeless woman and that other annoying woman would have had no choice but to keep their mouths shut.

The photographer did assert his right to record on the subway while avoiding pointing his camera at the homeless woman.

While it may be advisable to just avoid the confrontation, especially considering the woman wasn’t even his initial subject, I would have pointed the camera at the woman, just in case she did anything crazy.

There is no better eye witness than a video camera.

But, of course, that simple action could easily have made her snap.

What would you have done?


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