Deputy Loses Job After Photographed Mowing Lawn In Underwear

Carlos Miller

Deputy Loses Job After Photographed Mowing Lawn In Underwear

Police can shoot people, tase people, pepper spray people, harass people, steal from people, lie to people and arrest people on unlawful charges and they still get to keep their jobs.

But then you get a law enforcement officer in Tennessee who mows his lawn in his boxer briefs and he is quickly dismissed.

Granted, Bradley County Deputy Dallas Longwith has been warned about this behavior on a previous occasion before a cell phone photo emerged, showing the deputy mowing his lawn in boxer briefs a second time.

Longwith denies doing it a second time and it’s not clear from the article whether they had solid proof when the photo was taken.

I don’t find men in their underwear visually stimulating but I’ve seen more scantily clad men on South Beach, so I really don’t see the issue here.

Unlike many officers who get to keep their jobs after a long string of abuses against citizens, Longwith had “no write-ups or reprimands” in his file.

And he was doing it on his own time – out of uniform – if that part wasn’t obvious.

Longwith is now cooking at a local restaurant but would like to return to law enforcement.

But with a name like Dallas Longwith and a penchant for working in his underwear, perhaps he has a future in porn.


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