Driver of Truck with F**K Trump/Sheriff Nehls Sticker Arrested for Resisting

Ben Keller

The driver of a truck with a "F--k Trump and F--k You for Voting for him" sticker has been arrested for resisting.

PINAC originally broke the story on November 17 when it made national news after Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy E. Nehls posted a message to Facebook, along with a photo of the truck, saying he was looking for the driver of the truck sporting the profane message on a sticker in the rear window.

Eventually, Karen Fonseca, Miguel Fonseca's wife ended up adding another sticker with the message "F**k Troy Nehls" written next to her "F**k Trump" message, which we reported about on November 20.

This time, Miguel Fonseca was pulled over after committing an alleged traffic violation. When police found out he had outstanding warrants for failure to appear and speeding, he was arrested and also charged with resisting arrest.

Sugar Land officers pullsed over Fonseca while responding to another family's call at the same apartment complex where they live six minutes after he left home.

"He was not resisting,' she told

Karen said she was on the phone with Miguel when officers asked him to exit his vehicle. At the point, Miguel was trying to give his wife directions to where he was pulled over because he didn't want his truck to be towed away.

“I heard Miguel on the line,” she said.

“Officers tried pulling him out the car because he wouldn’t turn the phone off. They didn’t want me to come pick up that truck.”

Fonseca says she thinks officers towed the truck instead of allowing her to drive it home because they were offended by the sticker.

“It’s all fishy the way it took place,” she recalled.

Now, even though the couple is married, Sugar Land Police spokesman Doug Adolph says he's unable to give Karen permission to take it, since the vehicle is registered in her husband's name.

Now, Sugar Land police say Miguel will sit in jail until he pays off the roughly $1,000 worth of traffic warrant he was arrested on.

“I’ve got a big mouth and won’t shut up,” Karen Fonseca said, adding she plans to file complaints and perhaps even a lawsuit over the ordeal.

“I want people to know that they can’t get away with what they do."

Miguel Fonseca is scheduled to see a judge tomorrow and is currently being held in jail even though he posted bond at the Fort Bend County Jail on the resisting arrest charge.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's public phone number is listed as (281) 341-4665.

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He was pulled over for failure to display a front license plate, then it was found that he had warrants...he failed to comply when officers moved to arrest him for the warrant. Vehicles are towed when an arrest is affected UNLESS an additional, licensed, driver is onsite to take don't get to stall your arrest until somebody shows up... These people are trying to make it an issue that they didn't receive SPECIAL treatment!


I have never read a Police Report where Law Enforcement mistates the facts! This makes them Liars and OathBreakers!

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