Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson Expected to Resign (Updated)

Carlos Miller

Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson Expected to Resign (Updated)

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who is awaiting a grand jury decision on whether or not he will be indicted for the shooting death of Michael Brown, is expected to resign Friday, according to CNN.

The grand jury decision could also be made Friday.

The news is surprising considering it was less than a week ago when Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson told reporters that he will immediately return Wilson to work if the grand jury does not indict him. Wilson has been on paid administrative leave since the August 9 shooting.

According to CNN:

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed teenager Michael Brown on August 9, is in the final stages of negotiations with city officials to resign, according to people close to the talks.
Wilson maintains he hasn’t done anything wrong, and the resignation talks have hinged on whether a grand jury returns an indictment against him in the death of Brown, people close to the talks said.
Wilson has told associates he would resign as a way to help ease pressure and protect his fellow officers. Wilson has expressed concern about resigning while the grand jury was hearing evidence for fear it would appear he was admitting fault.
Wilson could announce as soon as Friday his plans to resign, the same day a St. Louis County grand jury meets to deliberate and possibly decide on an indictment.
The talks could still collapse, these people said. Wilson doesn’t know what the grand jury will do and if they return charges he could change his mind.

Last week, a video emerged from last year showing Wilson arresting a man for recording him, later writing a different version of events in his police report.

UPDATE: The cyber-hack group Anonymous claims to have hacked into the social media account of the Ku Klux Klan and is suggesting it has evidence that ties Wilson to the KKK, vowing to release more information as it further confirms its findings.


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