First Amendment-Hating Michigan Court Employee says her Ass Itches from Herpes

(CRAZY) You Have No Right to Film! HUGE 1st Amendment Audit FAIL!!
(CRAZY) You Have No Right to Film! HUGE 1st Amendment Audit FAIL!!

(CRAZY) You Have No Right to Film! HUGE 1st Amendment Audit FAIL!! Police called for public photography. Tyrants Exposed. Calhoun County Justice Center in Ba...

Ben Keller

A Michigan man taunted for quietly and calmly video recording outside of a Michigan courthouse gets the last laugh.

Video posted to the youtube channel Freedom News Now captured employees at the Calhoun Justice Center in Battle Creek, Michigan freaking out over the videographer calmly recording outside of the building and resorting to childish antics like scratching her rear end and saying it itches from her herpes.

Calhoun County prosecutor David E. Gilbert also comes out of the building and taunts the videographer for simply exercising his right to record with a camera.

Video begins with the man recording outside of the Calhoun Justice Center building as employees are leaving the building.

Warnings are posted on the building that the area is under video camera surveillance.

"It's 4:32," the videographer says.

"Court personnel is getting out of work at 4:32. I thought they work until 5:00."

The man recording pans his camera and narrates, saying where he is standing is also the back part of the jail when a woman with an apparent nasty attitude walks out from the building waving her hand in the air.

"Stop the paparazzi," she snarks.

"You're dismissed; you may leave," he replies.

"Oh, we're dismissed?"

Another woman who had just walked out of the courthouse,which posts signs saying no cameras allowed inside of the building, pulls out her camera and snaps a picture of the man recording.

"OK, so look, there's an electronic device that came out of the court building," he says. "Apparently there's a different set of rules for [them]."

The other woman begins scratching her backside.

"My ass is itchy!" she claims.

"Does anybody else have an itchy ass?"

The woman standing next to her then says she doesn't think he should be down there video taping that.

"That's not cool," she says.

"Have you ever heard of the First Amendment? Of all the people, you should understand that working at a place like this."

"That's why I have an itchy butt," the other courthouse employee says, a possible indication something may be going around the courthouse.

Several other employees walk out without any apparent issues or ego issues.

A few minutes later, the first lady with the itchy butt continues scratching her backside, claiming she has herpes.

Eventually, Calhoun County prosecutor David E. Gilbert comes out acting alarmed over the man with the camera.

Gilbert takes some photos and invites him to come down the stairs to the lower level.

"No, I've got enough footage. I hope you're not an elected official."

After sleuthing on google, we determined "Dave" actually is an elected official.

We he have to give some credit though.

Nobody was hurt or arrested,and that happens out there to camera activists and independent media, so that counts for something.

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The Womans Buttocks should be considered a Deadly Weapon but the Prosecutors Big Mouth will be used in the Next Campaign Against Him, you can take that to the Bank!

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