FL Deputy Moonlighted as Prostitute Before Attempting to Kill Woman

Carlos Miller

Florida Deputy Moonlighted as Prostitute Before Attempting to Kill Elderly Woman.

The Florida deputy arrested for attempting to kill an elderly woman after she reported him for theft was also a male prostitute on his off-time, according to internal affairs investigators.

Sarasota County deputy Frankie Bybee, received more than $100,000 over the years from a woman named Elinor Jarvis in exchange for pleasing her sexually.

The 46-year-old deputy would also “record himself in a sex act in his patrol vehicle while on duty and send the video to her via an app called ‘Tango’ and then she would transfer $500 into his PayPal account,” according to ABC Action News.

Jarvis contacted investigators after learning he had been arrested for attempting to kill a 79-year-old woman by entering her home, mounting her and shoving prescription pills down her throat before leaving her car running in her garage with the door open in the hope she would die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Bybee was trying to make it look like a suicide.

But Marcia Sohl survived the encounter, leading to his arrest and his termination from the sheriff’s office, where he had worked for 18 years, including several times where he had been suspended for disciplinary issues.

Now he is sitting in jail on several felony charges, including attempted murder, forgery, grand theft, burglary of an occupied dwelling and battery on a person 65+ years of age.

Bybee met Sohl in October when she called the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office for help, transporting her to the hospital and praying with her to gain her trust and confidence.

He also agreed to care for her Yorkshire in exchange for $1,000, even texting her a photo of himself with the dog to show that it was safe.

But then he sold the dog on Craig’s List.

He then spent the next few weeks visiting her at her home while on on-duty and off-duty, introducing her to his three children.

But within two months, the woman called the sheriff’s office to report that he had become too controlling.

Sarasota sheriff’s investigators then learned that he wrote checks from the woman’s account to himself and children for $65,000 after the woman denied ever writing them and his fingerprints were found on at least one check.

On December 28, he sent an email to the woman’s doctor from her email address, pretending that she had “suicidal implications,” which led to the woman being involuntary committed for evaluation in a treatment facility, investigators have since revealed.

Although the email was sent from the woman’s account, the IP address originated from his home, according to the Bradenton Herald.

Nevertheless, a judge on Tuesday reduced his bail from $900,000 to $250,000 on Tuesday. And Sohl’s dog has since been returned.


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