FL Man Arrested for Recording Himself Flipping Over Sitting Deputies

Carlos Miller

Florida Man Arrested for Recording Himself Flipping Over Sitting Deputies.

A Florida man who video records himself playing pranks on various members of the public is known to take some risky chances, including giving strangers wedgies and kisses, which his followers love.

However, when Charles Ross decided to run up to a pair of Sarasota deputies sitting on a park bench last November and flip over them, they weren’t very impressed.

Nor did they seem very motivated to arrest him, telling him they would arrest him if he dared do that one more time.

But then they noticed the camera and decided to arrest him for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and even threatened to delete his footage.

It is not clear if they deleted the footage or if they just maintained possession of his camera for several months, but he uploaded that video to Youtube Saturday with the brief explanation of “finally got the footage back.”

Since that arrest, he was arrested again in January on battery charges for the wedgie pranks.


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