Florida Cop Arrested for Raping Boys at Home for Abused Children

Carlos Miller

It was the cop’s word against the kid’s word.

But then there was another kid who made the same allegations.

That a Florida cop repeatedly raped and fondled and molested them for almost a year.

The two 8-year-old boys were living in a home for abused children in Santa Rosa County in the Pensacola Panhandle area.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Agent Charles Calvin McMullen would spend time at the Gulf Coast Kids House where he worked on cases.

But one kid told investigators that McMullen would touch him “downstairs on his private part.”

When investigators confronted McMullen about the allegations, he “began to cry,” but denied abusing them.

Investigators spoke to another child also reported being raped and abused and then being told to keep it “between you and me.”

According to WEAR TV:

The child said the abuse began when both children were 7-years-old. He said McMuMullen made them perform sex acts like sticking their fingers in his buttocks, putting their mouth on his penis.
The victim also said McMullen put his penis in the other child’s buttocks at least four times, the last time being October 27. He also disclosed that McMullen made him touch the other victim’s penis.
The first child’s interview detailing McMullen’s abuse mirrored the second child’s. He said some of it happened at McMullen’s home.

McMullen, who has worked for the state law enforcement for five years, was initially held on a $1.5 million bond, which was reduced to $300,000 after making his initial appearance Wednesday.

He has been placed on paid administrative leave and is still denying the allegations.


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