Florida Cop Nailed With Felony Witness Tampering Charge


Florida Cop Nailed With Felony Witness Tampering Charge While Defending Underage Sex Crime Allegations.

The world’s smallest police station just got a little lonelier, as a Florida cop working for the panhandle town of Carrabelle got nailed with a second round of felony criminal charges.

Now, the Florida cop is facing life in jail, after his state’s top law enforcement agency the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) added a felony witness tampering charge to the serious sex crime allegations 49-year old Glenn Darius Hampton May was already defending for child pornography and sexual battery with a minor between the ages of 12-18.

State authorities announced that their investigation showed May was communicating with the victim in his sexual battery case, which is being prosecuted by the state attorney Willie Meggs in Tallahassee.

FDLE agents believe he coached the victim by telling her what to say when interviewed by law enforcement.

So they charged May with first degree felony witness tampering, which is punishable by up to life in prison.

Carrabelle is best known as an idyllic beach town and fishing village, and isn’t exactly a hotbed of crime, but is famous in police circles for having the world’s smallest police station, which has been stationed along scenic Highway 98 since 1963.

The town has a modern, full sized police station now too.

Fortunately, the town of Carabelle still has something rare in policing, that isn’t just a novelty station.

They’ve got a straight-shooting, honest to the core police chief named Gary Hunnings, who turned Glenn May into state authorities last October.

That’s when FDLE agents originally began investigating May last year at the request of the honest cop, Carrabelle Police Chief Gary Hunnings, after he received an allegation about May having sex with an underage female.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s press release back in December:

“I immediately contacted FDLE when I learned of this allegation,” said Carrabelle Police Chief Gary Hunnings. “May’s actions are unacceptable and appalling for anyone, especially an officer of the law.”
“Now that an arrest has been made, I am moving swiftly to terminate May from our police department.”

May had been booked into the Franklin County Jail on a $200,000 bond originally.

But now, the Florida cop is incarcerated in near-by, rural Wakulla County while awaiting trial.

And not a minute too soon for his teenage victim, who disgraced Florida cop Glenn May just can’t leave alone.

PINAC does a lot of call floods, mostly to police who have broken the law.

But this time, if you feel like it, we kindly suggest that you lift the phone and let Carrabelle’s police chief know that you appreciate his honesty and call the world’s smallest police station to let Gary Hunnings know you appreciate when Florida cops do the right thing by calling here to leave a message of encouragement: (850) 697-3691


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