Florida Deputy Claims Taco Bell Fast Food Employee put Bleach in his Burrito

Nathan Dimoff

This is the second time a Lee County deputy accused fast food workers of tampering with their food.

A Lee County sheriff's deputy who drove through a Taco Bell drive-thru Sunday to order a burrito claims what he received was no ordinary burrito.

While en route to a call for service, Deputy Brown began eating the food he just purchased but stopped in mid-bite stating that the burrito tasted off.

Brown then proceeded to go through the rest of his food and stated that the food smelled like bleach, according to Fox4Now.

Immediately after, Brown stated that his tongue started feeling "numb and tingly" and reported the incident to law enforcement.

Taco Bell has since put out a statement:

> “We take food safety very seriously and are deeply appreciative of the men and women who serve and protect our communities and our country. The franchisee that owns and operates this Lehigh Acres restaurant is investigating this matter.”

​This is not the first time a law enforcement officer in Florida has claimed that their food has been tampered with.

This year, a police officer within the same county claimed that their food that they ordered at a Burger King drive-thru was tampered but after both corporate and law enforcement reviewed security camera footage it was proven that the food was not tampered with.

Two years ago, cops in Utah arrested a teen working at a Subway after a cop accused him of placing marijuana in his sandwich, which turned out to be a lie.

It has been a known tactic that police use to rally up support for them claiming that there is a war on police but in all reality, there is no war nor does the food get tampered with.

Lee County Sheriff is still investigating the alleged bleached burrito.


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