Florida Deputy Leaves Gun in BK Bathroom; Homeless Man Finds it and is Arrested

Carlos Miller

The gun went missing for about 24 hours.

A Florida sheriff's deputy left behind his service gun inside the bathroom of a Burger King after doing his business during lunch hour Friday, not realizing his mistake until he had left the restaurant.

When the plainclothes Pasco County sheriff's deputy returned to the Burger King, he discovered the gun was no longer in the bathroom, prompting a frantic police search throughout the entire restaurant where multiple customers were interviewed.

But the gun remained missing for several hours until they tracked down a homeless man they saw on surveillance walking out of the bathroom after the deputy did.

On Saturday, Deputies arrested David Scott Haney, 49, on a charge of theft of a firearm and was booked on a $5,000 bond.

Haney did not even have the gun on him but apparently had hidden it in a wooded area, which is where deputies found the gun with the help of a K9 unit, according to ABC Action News.

The name of the deputy has not been released and the sheriff's office did not comment as to whether he will face disciplinary action.

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Cop messed up and should be held accountable!


Cop1: I didn't get my quota for the month. Cop2: Leave a firearm lying around. Wait for someone to take it. Then charge them with a crime.


The officer should be held accountable for his carelessness, but the homeless man is guilty of theft. If you find anything of value out in public and take it off the premises where you found it, that is legally theft in every state in the union (but not in the City of San Francisco). At a minimum you can give the item to the establishment proprietor. The homeles guy’s a thief and hopefully will be punished accordingly, regardless of what anyone thinks should happen to the cop.

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