Frantic teen dials 911 & curses; gets arrested

Carlos Miller

Frantic teen dials 911 and curses; gets arrested while dad refused treatment

I came across this video a few months ago and was meaning to post it, but probably got busy writing about other crap because I never did post it. As you know, it just never stops.

And now it looks as if it is making the rounds again on the internets even though it first occurred in October because on Thursday, six different people emailed me this video for me to post it.

So thanks for keeping me on my toes.

This one comes from Lincoln Park, Michigan where 17-year-old Adrianne Ledesma dials 911 after witnessing her dad collapse of a seizure, three weeks after undergoing brain surgery.

She doesn’t get an immediate answer. So she hangs up and dials again, only to not get an immediate answer.

She blurts out “what the fuck” just as the dispatcher answers on the third ring.

She tells him she needs an ambulance.

But he begins to lecture her about cursing on a 911 call.

She says, “OK, send me a fucking ambulance.”

He slams the phone on her face.

Her father continues having seizures on the floor.

She calls back and asks, “Are you going to send me an ambulance?”

He responds by asking, “Are you going to swear again, you stupid ass?”

She asks, “Are we going to have a fucking problem?”

He says, “No, you’re not going to get one.”

She says, “Do you want to fucking lose your job?”

He slams the phone on her face.

She calls back again and says, “I just want to know your name because you’re getting sued.”

He ends up calling her a baboon and hanging up again.

The last words she says before he hangs up are, “send a fucking ambulance.”

Her father continues having seizures on the floor.

Six minutes later. Six long minutes later. The cops calls rescue and informs them that he’s been getting calls from this filthy mouth girl so he has no idea what her emergency was.

“I never found out what it was and I was never able to transfer her over to you.”

That’s because he kept her hanging up on her. And even denied her an ambulance at one point, which should be a federal crime.

She finally drove the few blocks to the police station in the hopes that maybe somebody would be able to help her.

She ended up getting arrested for disorderly conduct and phone harassment, charges which were later dropped.

And the cop?

His name is Sgt. Robert McFarland and he ended up receiving a two week suspension without pay. And more training. And that’s it.

A slap on the wrist for having purposely put somebody’s life in danger.

What kind of man would deny medical service for the needy unless somebody kisses their ass?

It happened in Oklahoma. It happened in Texas. And it happened here in Michigan.

It can happen to any one of us during our most desperate moments.


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