Georgia Deputy has Ex-Wife Arrested for Criticizing him on Facebook

Carlos Miller

Georgia Deputy has Ex-Wife Arrested for Criticizing him on Facebook.

Frustrated that her ex-husband refused to bring her sick children medicine, a Georgia woman took to Facebook to express her feelings.

She ended up thrown in jail.

But only because her ex-husband is a local sheriff’s captain who runs the local jail.

Now the ex-wife is suing her piece of shit ex-husband. Or as one of her friends referred to him on Facebook, a “POS.”

But that friend also ended up jailed for her Facebook comments.

So yes, Washington County Sheriff’s Captain Corey King is a real piece of shit. And so is his cohort, Washington County sheriff’s investigator Trey Burgamy, who conspired with him to throw the two women in jail.

And let’s not forget Washington County Magistrate Ralph O. Todd who went along with the scheme to teach these women a lesson to not to exercise their First Amendment rights on Facebook.

All three of them are pieces of shit and deserved to be flushed down the toilet instead of making a living from taxpayers’ dollars, but that’s the world we live in.

Now Anne King is suing both her ex-husband and Burgamy as well as Washington County, which will cost the taxpayers’ even more money.

It all started on January 14, 2015 when Anne King  asked her ex-husband to bring the children medicine, but he refused, claiming he was too busy, even though he only lived three miles down the road, according to the lawsuit, which you can read here.

The next day, Anne King posted the following on Facebook.

And her friend, Susan Hines, responded with the following:

POS. Give me an hour and check your mailbox. I’ll be GLAD to pick up the slack.

Corey King also responded with the following:

Take that shit off Facebook.

The next day, Captain King contacted Magistrate Ralph O. Todd, who issued a warrant for the two women, dragging them both to court where Corey King testified that he was a victim.

Todd first threatened to have Anne King “banned” from Facebook, then charged the two women with “criminal defamation,” a law that was ruled unconstitutional in 1982, according to Popehat.

The jailers couldn’t even find the code for criminal defamation in the jail while fingerprinting them.

But they remained in jail for four hours until they bonded out. They eventually went before a state judge who threw the case out.

However, Corey King continued to threaten his ex-wife for exercising her First Amendment rights on Facebook, causing her to live in fear, according to the lawsuit.

So yes, Susan Hines was correct in that Washington County Sheriff’s Captain Corey King is a real piece of shit. And so are his two cohorts.


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