Grandmother w Stage 4 Cancer Files Excessive Force Complaint after Brutal Arrest

Ben Keller

A woman battling stage four cancer filed a formal complaint claiming excessive force after her brutal arrest on Monday.

A South Carolina woman with cancer says police grabbed her then threw her to the ground after entering her house on Monday.

Greenville police officers arrived at 62-year-old Cassandra Johnson's home on Monday morning to serve an arrest warrant on her son Julius Johnson for a probation violation.

Upon arriving, officers reportedly explained to Johnson for several minutes that the arrest warrant allowed officers to lawfully enter her home to search for her son.

Johnson replied stating her son did not live at her resident.

"I said arrest him? He doesn't live her. He never lived her," Johnson recalled in an interview with WYFF.

Officers began entering the doorway anyway.

Johnson attempted to close the door.

Police claim Johnson pushed one of the officers out of the doorway and refused to move aside.

That's when officers threw her to the ground and handcuffed her then placed her under arrest.

"They threw me. They literally threw me,” Johnson recalled.

Her other son, Jermaine Johnson, was home and began to yell at the officers that his mother has stage four cancer.

"All I could think about was to be calm. Don't fight em so I laid there and I looked at my son, and said don't fight them," Johnson recalled.

After she was released from jail, Johnson's daughter took her to the emergency room for injuries sustained to the right side of her body.

"This should never happen it should stop this was nothing more than excessive force if you look in the dictionary you'll see Miss Johnson's face," Community activist Bruce Wilson said, adding he wants the body cam footage to be released to the public.

Greenville police stated they'll hold a press conference at 10:30 a.m. on Friday morning to discuss the incident.

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According to their official statement: "Chief Miller said when officers arrived on scene, they gave the warrant to Mrs. Johnson and tried to explain that if they could search the home for Johnson, they would be on their way. "

They did NOT have a search warrant, and they have the mentality that people need to prove they are innocent.


Thug Cops that should be sent to prison as a Public Safety Threat!

Citizen Journalism