Guess who made this month's Playboy Magazine? (not just Marge Simpson)

Carlos Miller

This was the first time I regretted allowing my Playboy subscription to expire.

This was also the first time I opened an issue of Playboy without first viewing the centerfold.

But this also happened to be the first time my blog was mentioned in a Playboy article.

However, the fact that Marge Simpson is the centerfold in the November issue of Playboy did not make it too hard to bypass.

Nevertheless, the Marge Simpson issue is considered a collector’s edition because it is the first time in its 56-year history Playboy has featured a cartoon character on its cover.

I imagine they will try anything to generate sales because I discovered that hardly anybody in town actually carries the magazine anymore.

I finally purchased a copy at Barnes and Nobles where it arrived more than a week after it was supposed to hit the newsstands and more than a week after several of my Facebook friends who subscribe to Playboy congratulated me on the article.

Judging by the number of times I stopped by Barnes and Nobles inquiring about the issue that week, those employees probably think I’m a huge Marge Simpson fan.

Right now, I’m more of a Tim Mohr fan, who wrote the article titled “No Photos Allowed: Who Will Protect Us From the Protectors?”

In a double-page spread, Mohr addresses the issue I’ve been addressing for more than two years, discussing many of the cases I’ve written about on this blog.

In fact, he used my blog as the basis for his article, according to the Playboy employee who contacted me about buying the rights to my trademark banner photo a couple of months ago. Yes, I also made a few hundred bucks off the photo.

So it is a pretty significant milestone for this blog, which has also been mentioned in the New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Fox News and several local newspapers.

Here is the scanned copy of the article. It’s is in high resolution so you can enlarge it to 200 percent and still be able to read it clearly. And it is safe for viewing at work.


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