Have It Your Way At Burger King; Just Don't Take Photos

Carlos Miller

Have It Your Way At Burger King; Just Don't Take Photos.

It’s been so long since I’ve eaten at Burger King that I didn’t realize how adamant they were about not allowing photography or videography inside their restaurants.

But now that I know, I just might swing by my local Burger King with my camera.

I know some of my readers will defend them because of property rights, but I don’t think they can enforce that policy if I decide to shoot video from my car into the drive-thru window.

There is even a Flickr group dedicated to posting pictures of these signs.

The signs posted in the group are not that interesting because none include a screaming employee telling the photographer to stop.

Another thread on Flickr that was brought to my attention, even though it’s a few years old, contains some funny responses about readers’ experiences with this policy.

On a road trip with family on Saturday (July 12), we stopped at a Burger King in Georgia. Naturally, I took both my point-and-shoot Kodak and my Sony Handicam inside, both in my pockets.
Since I’m the official family photographer and videographer, documenting stops like this on vacation are my job. So I snapped a few photos (no flash, of course, and I made sure no other people were visible in the photos except my family members) and even recorded a short video.
When all was said and one, my family members stopped by the restrooms on the way out. I stepped outside to wait, where this guy (I’m assuming the store manager), opens the door and asks “Can I help you?”
So I told him I was waiting for some people. Then, he quickly points to this small sticker attached to the door. Never before has anything like this happened to me, and quite frankly it was embarrassing and the guy was very rude about it all.
When he pointed, he gave this angry look — and having no idea that photography would even be banned in a public place like a fast-food restaurant, I said “ohhh, ok” Then the guy got loud and forceful saying, “NEVER again, got that?” Of course, I said “yeh” as he swung around and let the door slam behind him.
Nonetheless, Burger King will no longer be on my list of places to stop. The guy was extremely rude – would it have hurt him to smile or even carry more conversation than just pointing and yelling NEVER AGAIN??

Another commenter, who said he was a Burger King manager, said it had to do with teens buying food through the drive-thru, then tossing it back at the employees in order to post a video on Youtube.

the reason bk put up those signs is because teens where going through the drive thrus, ordering food then throwing it at the employees and posting videos of it on you tube. (i am a burger king manager)

Apparently it is still allowed to throw your food back at the employees. Just don’t videotape it.


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