HeavyMetal Singer Danzig Accused of Punching Man for Photographing Him

Carlos Miller

A heavy metal fan who traveled to Montreal

To watch the band Danzig perform said the singer asked him to come onstage where security guards then proceeded to beat him.

At one point, the man said, singer Glenn Danzig even punched the man himself as security guards held him.

All because Neil Dalton snapped a photo of the singer while onstage.

Dalton, who posted the following photo on Facebook earlier today, said Canadian police refused to investigate because neither he nor Glenn Danzig are Canadian.

Dalton is from Dublin, Ireland, according to his Facebook profile. And Danzig, who founded the band in the late 1980s, is from New Jersey.

We reached out to Dalton via Facebook but he has not yet responded. And we also reached out to Danzig’s publicist, Pam Nashel-Leto, who said she has “no comment for now.”

Meanwhile, Dalton’s photo is going viral on Facebook, but not everybody is taking his side, as you can see from the screenshot below.

However, many fans are voicing their outrage on the band’s Facebook page.

However, many fans are accusing Dalton of fabricating the story for publicity, but just a quick look through his Facebook page shows he is a diehard heavy metal fan.

And the heavy metal singer does have a history of attacking fans who dare take his photo.

According to a TMZ article from July:

Metal legends Danzig have a strict no photo policy at all shows — and failure to follow said policy will get you a quick ass whupping … as one fan just learned in Southern Cali.
The fan either had massive balls, or was just plain insane … ’cause he started snapping away with his smartphone during Danzig’s Pomona concert last weekend. Lead singer Glenn Danzig quickly snatched the phone, but the real pain came post-concert when the attention-thirsty idiot tried to get on Danzig’s bus … WITH A CAMERA!!!
He was asking for trouble, and got it in the form of a headlock from Glenn. The video is crazy, and if the fan looks familiar — his name is Navid Farsi … the dude who sugar-bombed Adam Levine in Hollywood.
Unlike that incident, Farsi did NOT get charged for the Danzig scrap.
Love to see him try to enter another Danzig concert though.

An eyewitness wrote to a website called Metal Injection, stating the following:

I went outside just before the encores to wait and meet Glenn. I was sitting on the steps outside Metropolis, when I seen a couple of security guards carrying a guy outside. The guy was Neil Dalton. Danzig’s bodyguard came outside and began threatening Neil. Neil yelled back and was calling the security and bodyguard pussies and made his claim that he spent all that money to see Danzig.
After about ten minutes of arguing with the bodyguard and being pushed around by him, Neil finally took off. [Neil] re-entered the venue after being told not to come back. That’s when things got ugly and sure enough Neil got tossed back out this time bloodied up and shoeless. He kept instigating the security and bodyguards by yelling names at them and not leaving like he was told.
Right after the show ended, Glenn came running out and engaged Neil and threw a kick to Neil’s ribs, and connected. He also swung a couple punches that missed before security got Glenn on his bus. Glenn kept calling Neil a motherfucker.

Before he became a professional singer, launching the punk rock band, the Misfits in the late 1970s, Danzig aspired to become a professional photographer, attending the New York Institute of Photography.

But over the years, Danzig developed a reputation for attacking photographers and for being a bonafide asshole.

In 2004, Danzig exchanged words with Danny Marianino of the Arizona band, North Side Kings, before shoving him, telling him, “fuck you, motherfucker.”

Marianino responded by punching him out in an incident captured on video, which you can see below.

A 2005 Phoenix New Times article said the incident led to the downfall of Marianino’s career before it had even started.

For Danzig, it turned a spotlight on a prima donna streak that only insiders privy to his show rider might’ve known about before. This year marks Danzig the band’s 25th anniversary, but Danzig the man’s image has been somewhat tarnished by his gift for generating negative publicity. Plenty of Danzig fans have seen the bullying tactics evidenced in that 2004 video for themselves, whether they’ve been kept waiting for him to start a show because someone didn’t bring him a Wendy’s chicken sandwich or French onion soup or they’ve watched him attack photographers at Bonnaroo.
For Marianino, the video was the beginning of the end of a hardscrabble decade-long musical career and an introduction to the world of Internet hate and loathing, both of which are documented to humorous effect in his self-published book, Don’t Ever Punch a Rockstar: A Collection of Hate Mail & Other Crazy Rumors. While the titular incident informs the whole book, it’s not 258 pages of Danzig-bashing.

Marianino’s musical career did not fare too well after that incident but he did publish a book titled Don’t Ever Punch a Rock Star that has received good reviews on Amazon.

Here is a 2012 interview Marianino did with Vice about the incident and how Danzig’s fans are blind to their hero’s anger control issues.

In 2012, a video was uploaded to YouTube showing Danzig storm off the stage during the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee to confront a photographer, which is posted below.

In 2013, a video was uploaded to YouTube showing Danzig spotting a guy with a camera in the audience an encouraging his fans to beat the man up.

“Someone punch that fucking asshole right there,” Danzig says, pointing the man out.

The video, posted below, then goes dark before it turns off.

Danzig, 60, is scheduled to play in Portland Tuesday night, then in New York City on Wednesday and in Cleveland on Friday in case you would like to stop by and snap a photo.

He is also scheduled to perform in Los Angeles on Halloween night.

He won’t be able to beat everybody up if everybody is recording.





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