Hillsborough County Deputies Refuse to Investigate Assault

Carlos Miller

Hillsborough County Deputies Refuse to Investigate Assault on Videographer

Emil Assily of the Tampa area had an interesting experience the other day when a man came crashing onto his property in his car.

Apparently, a mechanic rents the property from Assily’s family and the man in the video had some type of issue with his brakes as his car was getting worked on.

The car smashed into a fence and hit a neighboring building.

Assily’s first instinct was to begin videotaping, which prompted the owner of the car to grab his camera in an attempt to take it from him.

Assily pulled away from him and continued videotaping as the man kept inquiring as to why he was “making a picture of my car.”

Assily ended up calling the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department, only for deputies to arrive and berate him for calling them.

Really, what else are you supposed to do when a man comes crashing on your property, then attempts to take your camera?

Assily said the deputies insulted him by saying he’s “not the papparazzi” and that he should have “been more tactful” and that he was “too immature to run a business.”

The deputies left without taking a report.


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