How PINAC Correspondent Forces NYPD Cops to Stop Violating his Rights

Carlos Miller

Watch How PINAC Correspondent Forces NYPD Cops to Stop Violating his Rights

PINAC correspondent Shawn Randall Thomas has been schooling NYPD cops and other law enforcement agencies on the right to take photos for as long as this site has been in existence, taking the arrests, then beating them in court, then going back on the streets again with his camera and his wise-cracking, take-no-shit attitude against cops who never tire of violating his rights.

But it wasn’t until this past weekend that he saw one of his videos explode in readership, racking up more than 150,000 views in three days.

And it happens to be his shortest video. Seven seconds. Enough time for a New York City police officer to demand to know what was in his bag. A cop who even knew his name.

And enough time for Thomas to send that cop to hell.

“Shawn, what do you have in your bag?” the cop asks.
“None of your fucking business, that’s what I have in the bag,” Thomas says.
“All right,” the cop says before walking away.
“Honor your oath, scumbag,” Thomas tells him.

Rude? Perhaps. But it’s New York City.

Besides, he explained in a Facebook message, he’s only rude when it is deserved.

I have never been rude, or “disrespectful” to any police officer unless that police officer was actively engaged in acts of treason. In such cases, it is my patriotic duty to respond in such a manner.

You might remember his exchange with an NYPD cop named Efrain Rojas in the subway last year. While anybody watching the videocan see Rojas deserves to be fired, internal affairs found no wrongdoing on his part.

So he knows the system is broken, which is why he doesn’t show much respect for it, especially when it is clear the NYPD is only shaking down poor people to generate revenue for the city.

Take his latest video as an example, posted below, along with the 7-second viral video and a 27-second extended version of the 7-second video.

In that video, an NYPD cop parks backwards on a one-way street – a citable offense – for the sole purpose of issuing a teenage girl a citation for jaywalking.

Thomas said that prior to recording, he saw the cop driving down the one-way street and nearly striking the girl, which is why he parked the car and chased her down to issue her a citation. He interviewed the girl on camera and she confirmed it.

Thomas said the girl didn’t notice him as she was crossing because she was looking in the direction towards where the traffic was supposed to be coming from.

The girl asked for the cop’s name but he ignored her, although it is probably scribbled on the citation. His license plate, however, is 5126. That number is also posted on the side of his patrol car. His badge number appears to be 21995 or 24995, Thomas said, after zooming the original footage.

Watch the video to see all the citable offenses he commits to issue yet another citation.

The incident took place Sunday in Harlem on 125th St.

I really think that cop was on some substance. I watched him for about 30 minutes prior to that stop, and some time after that.
I was listening to their radio calls and he wasn’t responding to anything in the area.

The other incident in which he sends the cop to hell took place in Brooklyn on Thursday after he had stood on a sidewalk recording cops making a traffic stop. Once those cops left, issuing whatever citations they were issuing, the other cops pulled up and demanded to know what was in his bag.

His phone was in his bag, so he pulled it out and began recording, telling them it was none of their business. He then posted the 7-second video late Friday because the rest of the video was not oriented properly, but he ha since posted the full video, which you can see below.

And click here to read Thomas’ PINAC column titled Why We Should Avoid Discussions of Race When It Comes to Police Abuse.


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