I am looking to start video audits in the State of Wyoming.....it is a


I am looking to start video audits in the State of Wyoming.....it is asked time to time for press pass or credentials.....where could I print one?

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You do not need any credentials but one guy I met in Florida printed up a card that he gives to LEOs who pester him and it cites the Florida law that says he can do what he's doing, he cites his right to remain silent (Miranda), and it also has the name of his attorney if the LEO wants to go any further. That seems a wise idea if you are not a pro photog/vid.

Michael Anhar
Michael Anhar

Good for you. But you DON'T need press credentials, and frankly, you should know that. You need to educate yourself about your rights and responsibilities under the law. For example, you should know how to look up Wyoming statutes and the state constitution. You can do both here: https://www.wyoleg.gov/StateStatutes/StatutesDownload

You should also be familiar with certain U.S. Supreme Court holdings, especially Terry v. Ohio, as it delineated the reasonable-suspicion standard and probable-cause standard. You can read the case here:

You might also watch (and even go auditing with) as many GOOD auditors as possible, both in and out of Wyoming. You'll need to build relationships with like-minded auditors so you can provide each other backup when necessary. Here are two Wyoming auditors I found with a quick Google search, though I have no idea if they're "good."

The BEST auditor is Furry Potato, though she's based in California. Nevertheless, watch EVERYTHING she's ever done. She's incomparable. What you'll notice, besides her great humor and her silent-treatment tactic is her proficiency in the applicable laws. Her main channel is here:

That you want to audit is commendable. But don't be a dumb-dumb auditor. Be an intelligent, well prepared auditor. Build a subscriber base so you can go live when things go sideways. Have multiple cameras for redundancy. Carry extra batteries. Have multiple cell phones on you. Don't drive to your audit locations but rather park a mile away and UBER in so corrupt cops can't track you to your car afterward. There are many, many other considerations like this. And the fact that you don't even know something as fundamental as your not needing press credentials tells me you're not ready yet. Educate yourself. I've given you a great start, though frankly, you should've already done this much for yourself.

Good luck.


you can have a five year old make one for you. just make sure it is done in crayon so the piggies can understand what it says!
press pass or credentials are NOT required to do any type audit, news reporting or journalism.

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